New Lagoon Concepts

Public Lagoons

The Urban Revolution

At Crystal Lagoons, we have started a revolution, making crystal clear lagoons possible in public places, providing a beach lifestyle within cities far from the sea, and completely transforming communal spaces.

Crystal Lagoons technology can change people’s lives, transforming cities into a successful coastal paradise and enabling the practice of a variety of water sports, and creating an idyllic beach life experience just steps away from people’s homes, for everyone to enjoy. This improves people’s quality of life, creating an immense social benefit.

Our crystal clear lagoons are changing the way people think about and experience public spaces. Crystal clear lagoons radically increase the usage and improve the aesthetics of parks, as well as of other urban settings, where access to this type of amenity is beyond the reach of family budgets.

Crystal Lagoons promotes a healthy lifestyle with recreational activities such as swimming and all kinds of water sports, attracting people of all ages and with different interests. This World’s Top Amenity can be the centerpiece of any community, bringing about social integration and providing an ideal place for jogging, cycling, walking your dog or even sunbathing.

The costs of building and maintaining a crystal clear lagoon are even lower than that of urban, green parkland of the same size. Therefore, by activating a public crystal clear lagoon and offering different sports and recreational activities such as swimming lessons, paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing, as well as other complementary services including restaurants, spa and retail, local businesses and tourism can strongly benefit from this amenity while at the same time cities can become more attractive, profitable and sustainable. Therefore, a crystal clear lagoon can completely transform the local landscape, generating a reality never before imagined: a magical turquoise water environment that can be enjoyed year-round.

Crystal Lagoons can bring to your city:

  • A beach lifestyle far from the sea (soon you will see people on the bus carrying water sport gear).
  • Revitalization and transformation of entire neighborhoods.
  • Gathering places for hundreds of people, more than any other public amenity available in the world.
  • The possibility of practicing a wide variety of watersports, enabling people to practice sports in a new and safe environment.
  • The opportunity to access an otherwise unthinkable lifestyle for many people.
  • Adding strong value to surrounding areas, even in low value locations.

Floating Lagoons

Our new patented technology allows floating crystal clear lagoons to be constructed without using land, located in natural or man-made lakes with low water quality. Thanks to these floating lagoons, an idyllic beach paradise can be created and water sports can be practiced in a safe way, giving new value to spaces that could not be used for recreational purposes.

There are more than 50 million water bodies in the world that are not used for recreational purposes due to poor water quality or poor aesthetics. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 140,000 water bodies of this type. Our new patented technology, floating crystal clear lagoons, is changing this reality and generating a breakthrough worldwide by creating an idyllic beach life, where you can also practice water sports. This concept provides endless possibilities for use in lakes, dams, lagoons, rivers, bays and the sea with an attraction never seen before, in either private or public projects.

Imagine a city with bodies of water that are currently unused, which can become a unique attraction by including a crystal clear floating lagoon. This can change and revitalize city life, providing a new and refreshing look.

Our floating crystal clear lagoons apply our proven and patented water treatment technology to proprietary floating structures that are installed within larger water bodies, connected to land via floating decks and bridges. Different projects are currently being developed around the world.

Another relevant aspect is that these floating lagoons can also serve industrial purposes, creating floating cooling systems to provide high quality cooling water to power plants and other industrial processes.