Public Access Lagoons



Beach life for every corner of the world.

Crystal Lagoons has created a revolution in recreational entertainment, making beach life possible in any place or corner of the planet that you can imagine, with man-made turquoise lagoons surrounded by white sandy beaches and palm trees.

Public Access Lagoons by Crystal Lagoons is a new concept that now allows everyone to take a vacation anywhere in the world, even just a few blocks away from home. They transform each development into a recreational/family destination and upgrade each venue into the next generation in entertainment.

Whenever we think about going on vacation or taking a relaxing break, the idea of white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters immediately springs to mind. A tropical paradise, the idea of being able to relax on the beach, practice water sports, or just lay back and enjoy stunning views, are all part of an idyllic concept that everyone is looking for.

But this is not just beach life as you always imagined it; enjoy the best bars and restaurants, attend impressive concerts and shows or take a perfect promenade in the evening enjoying a beach setting with the most stunning crystal clear lagoon.

The business model for Public Access Lagoons is so simple. Crystal Lagoons generate a partnership with developers and earn a small percentage of the ticket income.

Crystal Lagoons has already partnered with two major projects that have validated the concept through their unprecedented success.

The revolution for different types of recreational venues and untapped land.


Recreational venues: Public Access Lagoons by Crystal Lagoons will dramatically increase the amount of visitors and ticket prices for existing venues such as:

  • Amusement parks
  • Theme parks
  • Water parks
  • Water ski / wakeboard / surf parks
  • Aquariums
  • Zoos

Crystal Lagoons’ technology, which can bring beach life with turquoise water and white sandy beaches to any place in the world, can now be enjoyed by everyone. Public Access Lagoons can generate stunning beach fronts with high visitor traffic, perfect for retail, pubs & restaurants, equipment rentals, sports stores and much more. They not only allow venues to dramatically increase attendance like never before, but to also greatly increase the average ticket price and consumption expenditure of each visitor by generating spaces for friends and families, games, competitions, water sports, beach sports and shows. They create endless possibilities of opportunities for everyone to relax and socialize in a safe environment at any time of day, which both retain visitors for a longer time and highly impact revenue generation.

This concept has generated so much interest already that we are expecting Public Access Lagoons to reach every corner of the world and become the standard for any public access venue with access to land, with the first one opening in 2018 in Jungle Island, Miami, Florida, followed by more than 30 projects, today under negotiation.



This well-known Florida destination was looking to reinvent itself, and saw the Crystal Lagoons concept as a way to completely transform the theme park. From the Jungle Island team’s calculations, they expect visitors to increase threefold by adding a Public Access Lagoon. The lagoon is scheduled to be open to the public by late 2018.

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Untapped Land: There is an endless amount of available land in the world that is not being exploited despite being valuable because of its location or size. Transform your untapped land into a great profit generator, creating a revenue stream from the millions of visitors paying an entrance fee to enjoy a new and groundbreaking world of attractions. Land sites over 7 acres in size can be found at existing venues with available land or at vacant land sites. Some examples are:

  • Center of horse race tracks
  • Speedways
  • Public parks
  • University campuses
  • Membership clubs
  • Public and private golf courses
  • Museums
  • Olympic venues
  • Casinos
  • Cruise ship ports
  • Destination islands
  • Shopping centers
  • Stadiums
  • Event arenas
  • Vacant Land
  • Available Land: These kinds of stand-alone projects are self-sustained and are able to pay off the investment in an incredibly short time, congregating large amounts of people and generating revenue from year one, making them a feasible revenue-generating option for almost any location. For most of these venues, lagoons can be extremely important as they allow them to exploit all the infrastructure and parking space that is unused most of the week.
    These lands are available in existing locations such as at the center of Horse Race Tracks, at Speedways, Stadiums, University Campuses and Golf Clubs, among many others.
  • Vacant Land: The possibility of making vacant land profitable is a revolutionary concept, with this land scattered between millions of plots all over the world, held by investment funds, family offices, large corporations, banks, or just privately-owned. Since much of this land is lying unused, paying taxes and waiting for the right moment to start developing, the idea of making it into a revenue generator might sound like a miracle. The Public Access Lagoon concept is so strong that these lagoons can gather millions of visitors even in locations that are far from ideal, giving these standalone, low-investment projects the ability to pay off their investment in short periods of time and to generate revenue in the very early stages.



This iconic resort in Las Vegas holds the only golf course on the Las Vegas Strip.

When introduced to the Public Access Lagoons concept, Chairman of Wynn Resorts and renowned founder of the Las Vegas Strip Steve Wynn knew that the golf course had to be replaced with a Public Access Lagoon. The projections made by Wynn’s team indicate that the golf course’s EBITDA will increase by over 500% with the inclusion of the crystal clear lagoon. The project announcement in 2016, led to the stock value going up by double digit figures, which was unprecedented news for the shareholders.

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