Work with Us

Work With Us

We invite you to take part in one of the most innovative and unique challenges in the world

  • Sustainable technology patented in over 190 countries
  • 16 offices in every continent
  • Fast Growth
  • More than 600 projects in different stages of planning, design, construction or operation


  • R+D: Research and development for the improvement, application and development of new technologies. Also, the IP department (within R+D) manages the company's intellectual property from around the world.
  • Legal: Study of legal standards around the world. Negotiation and structuring of commercial contracts.
  • Commercial: Worldwide commercial operation. Negotiation of contracts.
  • Architecture: Development of architectural concept proposal for potential clients.
  • Engineering: Development of basic and technical engineering plans for projects.
  • Finance: Management of assets, accounting and management control, systems and human resources.
  • Branding: Management of the company’s image and brand development.