Crystal Lagoons Bintan Amenity A “Must See”, According To Popular Travel Blog


The recently inaugurated Natra Bintan hotel, overlooking Crystal Lagoons® first and largest southeast Asia’s man-made crystalline lagoon in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, has been highlighted as a must see by the popular travel website 8 Days and replicated on Today Online.

The international hotel’s first tented concept resort is located in the exotic hub of Bintan, amid the island’s tropical greenery, 100 safari-themed tents feature private patios and gardens, outdoor rainforest showers and luxurious comforts.

Guests can enjoy the unique water amenity, powered by Crystal Lagoons pioneering technology, that has been patented in over 190 countries. The tropical, clear turquoise lagoon, which is open to the public, offers guests a wide range of water activities, including family-friendly boat-rides, slides, kayaking and wakeboarding, to name a few.

Known as Treasure Bay Bintan, the 15,5-acre crystalline lagoon, which spans 800 meters in length, has a maximum depth of 2.5 meters. It functions as a Public Access Lagoon, PAL, and can be accessed by the general public via ticketed entry.

Additionally, by using state of the art technology created by the biochemist turned real estate businessman, Fernando Fischmann, founder and President of Crystal Lagoons, the lagoon is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. In fact, the lagoon requires up to 100 times less chemicals than a conventional swimming pool or drinking water treatment technologies, and consumes only 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool filtration systems.

Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.


Today Online

Photo: Natra Bintan

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