Crystal Lagoons® Business Model Expected to Catalyze Retail


Reconversion is the word that large malls are discussing today, faced with the explosion of e-commerce that has seen growth projections expected to reach 20.1% by 2024 and threatening the industry.

Additionally, with increasingly sophisticated online platforms, the world’s largest retail chains are undoubtedly facing tough times.

Consequently, the goal is to become Amazon-proof, in particular since the giant’s long arms now reach the most remote locations, a phenomenon that has only heightened since the pandemic hit.

The current scenario

The industry’s drop in foot traffic, sales and profitability margins, have forced malls to introduce new functional and experiential activities to attract patrons.

Covid-19 and health recommendations have also promoted the transformation of traditional malls favoring open spaces. By replacing rigid designs and enclosed spaces with outdoor experiences the flow of the public can be stabilized.

The industry continually makes efforts to become recreation and lifestyle hubs, by incorporating pop-up stores, cinemas, gastronomy, play areas, parks, sports areas and medical centers, to attract new age groups, such as millennials and generation Z, who favor experience over consumption.

However, these conversions come with a prohibitively expensive price tag.

Low initial investment business

In this context, the Public Access Lagoons™ business model by Crystal Lagoons® is the perfect catalyst for a wide range of revenue streams.

They are a long term investment offering perpetual returns, and are e-commerce-proof as they offer experiences rather than online products.

In addition, they provide a unique environment for activities 365 days a year, from concerts, weddings, events, conventions and day clubs, to restaurants, food halls and more.

Due to their low initial investment, PAL projects are the ideal amenity for malls looking to convert underutilized spaces, since they quickly generate profits and produce pyramidal financing, which ensures a considerable present value.

As such, they are a long-term investment alternative, with returns unheard of in other industries.

Crystal Lagoons offers 3 different investment models, with more or less infrastructure.

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