Crystal Lagoons Executive Director Gives Bloomberg Interview About New Projects

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Crystal Lagoons Executive Director Gives Bloomberg Interview About New Projects
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Crystal Lagoons Executive Director Gives Bloomberg Interview About New Projects

Crystal Lagoons® continues to capture the attention of the media, on this occasion Bloomberg Business. The radio show interviewed the firm’s Executive Director, Cristián Lehuedé, and discussed new projects being developed around the world. In fact, the executive confirmed that the technology has allowed for explosive growth, so much so, that Crystal Lagoons –in the short term– will have more than 1,000 lagoons in operation.

During the conversation (full interview here), the executive discussed details of the company’s new business model. The main focus of the interview was how Crystal Lagoons has changed urban living thanks to its innovation. One of the main topic of conversation which caused most interest is how these crystalline lagoons have conquered markets such as Florida, which despite having an extensive coastline, have seen great demand for these limitless sized lagoons. “Crystal Lagoons technology can bring beach lifestyle anywhere in the world,” said Lehuedé. The executive later commented on the Solé Mia complex, developed together with LeFrak in an area of Miami frequented by many tourists, which has proven to be a best-seller.

Another important issue the panel touched on was about the company’s new business model. Regarding this point, Lehuedé explained how Public Access Lagoons (known for short as PALs) has become a huge success and concentrate 60% of the company’s contracts. This is because “Crystal Lagoons amenities are a success in themselves,” explained the executive. Another business Crystal Lagoons currently exploring the possibility of licensing PALs to developers, investment funds and retail companies, so that they can include them in their projects and guarantee a quick return on investment.

Finally, during the broadcast, which was aired by Radio Pauta, the executive gave details of how Crystal Lagoons technology has efficient use of water. In fact, the executive director said that to fill the lagoons the firm can use fresh, salty or brackish water that cannot be consumed. Additionally, he pointed out, for example, that a park the same size requires twice as much water; and a golf court consumes 30 times more. “In comparison, we are far efficient,” said the Cristián Lehuedé.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

Source: Pauta Bloomberg