Crystalline Lagoon project under Construction in Prosper, Texas, Boosts Sales

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Crystalline Lagoon project under Construction in Prosper, Texas, Boosts Sales
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Crystalline Lagoon project under Construction in Prosper, Texas, Boosts Sales

The landlocked North Texas town of Prosper isn’t known for its beaches, but it may be by next summer, when a man-made lagoon with Crystal Lagoons’ technology opens in the Windsong Ranch master-planned community.

“The crystalline lagoon in the development will add value to the project as well as speed up the sales process. These lagoons have a dramatic effect on people’s interest in buying homes in those communities,” said Craig Martin, president and partner at Tellus Group LLC, the developer of Windsong Ranch in Prosper.

The five-acre lagoon will have turquoise-colored water, which will be the central piece of the project, and will include three white sandy beaches. It’s the first project of its type in North Texas and the second in the state.

Dallas Business Journal, one of the main media outlets in the area, highlighted Crystal Lagoons, a fast-growing Dallas company with projects all over the world. He also talked of how it opened its first lagoon in Texas in August near the Harris County town of Humble and is building the one in Prosper.

The Tellus Group LLC executive shared more details about that project and the lagoon.

What does the lagoon bring to the project?

These lagoons have a dramatic effect on people’s interest in buying homes in those communities. It offers a really unique lifestyle. The general homebuyer community in North Texas really is not aware of what this amenity is. When they see the lagoon completed, they are going to be really blown away. Dallas is a strong, competitive market when it comes to premium development and new home building. We’re always looking for something to differentiate ourselves at Windsong Ranch, and we believe that Crystal Lagoon is a real differentiator.

When does the lagoon open?

It will be open for the summer. It will be completed by May. We’ll have our grand opening before Memorial Day.

Who will have access to the lagoon?

Residents only.

How deep will it be at its deepest?

Eight to 10 feet.

What are the features of the lagoon?

It will have three beaches: an adult beach, a family beach and an activity beach with sand volleyball. It will have lounge chairs and umbrellas, a pavilion, a floating dock, a beach promenade, restrooms, an area for food trucks, grills and showers.

How much water does it use?

Crystal Lagoons’ man-made lagoons require 100 times less chemicals than a swimming pool, and 50 times less water than a golf course.

What has the feedback on the project been?

The response from the residents and the interest from future residents has been fantastic. We think that the lagoon at Windsong Ranch will add both significant value and sales velocity to the project.

What’s been your biggest challenge on the lagoon?

Probably talking my financial partners into building it. Windsong already has more amenities than any other community in North Texas. I had to do a lot of cost-benefit analysis to prove internally that we felt like the cost would bring enough benefit in price and velocity to warrant the investment.

How many homes are in Windsong Ranch?

Windsong is over 2,000 acres. We have over 3,000 single-family lots and 300 townhouse lots.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.