Irish Press Highlights Crystal Lagoons® Guinness World Record


Having revolutionized the real estate industry, Crystal Lagoons® has changed the paradigm of “location, location, location”, and continues to attract the attention of the international press. On this occasion, the Irish newspaper, The Irish Examiner, highlighted one of the firm’s most emblematic projects, San Alfonso del Mar, located on the Chilean coast.

The multinational has developed and patented a unique, state-of-the-art technology and concept that allows the construction and maintenance of crystalline lagoons of size at very low costs. As a consequence, the company can offer idyllic beach life, on par with that of a resort, anywhere in the world.

This concept led the San Alfonso del Mar lagoon to be certified with the Guinness Record as the largest crystalline lagoon on the planet, a title it held until another lagoon by Crystal Lagoons, Sharm El Sheik, in Egypt, won the award. It remains to this that day the largest crystalline lagoon in the world.

The San Alfonso del Mar water amenity spans 20 acres, equivalent to 6,000 traditional pools, a feat only possible thanks to the technology created by Crystal Lagoons. According to the Irish Examiner, the lagoon is an excellent destination for the practice of water sports in a safe environment.

The world’s top amenity

Some of the most important advantages of Crystal Lagoons technology are its low construction and maintenance costs, that the lagoons can operate with any type of water source and its sustainable technology which ensures low water consumption.

This revolutionary technology operates in a closed circuit, needing only to replace the water that is lost through evaporation. In comparison, a 2,5-acre lagoon consumes only 50% of the water required to maintain a park of the same size, while an average-size lagoon consumes approximately 30 times less than a golf course.

Together, these pioneering attributes have transformed these lagoons into the world’s top amenity, improving the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Irish Examiner

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