Master PAL™ Agreements, A Business Model of Unprecedented Success


Master PAL Agreements, A Business Model of Unprecedented Success

After 10 years of partnering with real estate developers and transforming the world’s residential market by bringing idyllic beaches to over 60 countries, Crystal Lagoons® has begun a new revolution: Public Access Lagoons™.

The business model, also known as PAL, requires a low initial investment while changing the lifestyle of people in cities around the world, allowing anyone to enjoy turquoise waters, white sand beaches via ticketed entry, without the travel. It also offers developers endless ways to monetize with perpetual income at rates of return previously unheard of.

These water amenities can transform any location into a dynamic entertainment hub, ideal for “staycations”. With the allure of beach life and entertainment activities year-round, PAL are a catalyzer for a wide array of revenue streams. Their low investment and maintenance cost make PAL a business of unprecedented profitability.

In the case of Master PAL agreements, the model consists of an exclusive partnership with a local partner for the development of multiple projects in a specific region.

Here are 6 benefits that make the PAL business model unique.

  1. PAL provide an unparalleled setting for year-round activities such as trade shows, events, launches, fairs, food halls, weddings, concerts, day clubs, corporate days, and more – both indoors and outdoors.
  2. They generate high social impact, reactivating urban infrastructure and generating employment.
  3. PAL provide a long-term investment alternative, with returns never seen in other industries.
  4. Quickly generate profits and produce a financing pyramid, which allows, with low initial investment, to create a company with a very high present value.
  5. The business model is operationally replicable anywhere in the world.
  6. Crystal Lagoons business model can create a business with high profitability based on massive public access with ticketed entry to the beach as well commercial usage, naming rights, and leasing of areas facing the lagoon.

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