PAL™ Projects have been positioned as Covid proof investment alternative


The pandemic has drastically altered how people unwind as well as the tourism industry, with people prioritizing locations close to home and that offer adequate sanitary measures.

As a consequence, this has created a necessity for new infrastructure in cities across the globe.

Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, concept and business model created by Crystal Lagoons, have positioned themselves as Covid proof investment alternatives.

The PAL™ projects let people enjoy the beach life in a controlled environment with capacity control, social distancing enforcement, and sanitization stations, health regulations that you wouldn’t be able to have on a traditional beach.

These commercial and sanitary advantages that PAL offer, has sparked the interest of relevant international economic groups, seeking to take next steps so as to secure exclusivity through master agreements, which assign an important number of PAL™ complexes in a specific region.

Operationally replicable anywhere in the world and with a low initial investment, investors can quickly see a very high present value, since even while they continue to be built, PAL™ model generate profits and pyramidal financing.

Endless Ways to Monetize

Located in urban environments, the PAL™ projects has emerged as a robust investment alternative offering perpetual income and offers profits far superior to those obtainable in other industries.

These public access developments, generate income through ticket sales to the lagoon, as well as revenue from water sport rentals, naming rights, retail, membership fees and year-round activities ranging from corporate events to weddings and concerts.

The versatility of the PAL™ model has continuously allured investors. With different investment formats and models offering more or less infrastructure, even those with minimal initial infrastructure, such as Lago Mar and Epperson in the United States, have seen major success.

The hotel industry has identified an increase in value in rates and food and beverage consumption up to 200% when hotels include a beach, compared to hotels further inland. Investors have corroborated that, on lower-value land, a hotel including a beach and PAL elements can benefit from very attractive returns.

PAL™ projects are also a highly valued asset for reconverting malls and redeveloping retail spaces, while also reactivating foot traffic to entertainment parks, racetracks, golf courses, etc. They are also of interest for companies with vacant land seeking to convert it into a lucrative business.

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