PAL™ projects recreate Caribbean-style ambiance in the city


The PAL™ developments bring the Caribbean life to the city with turquoise waters, white sands, and water sports activities and are open for visitors on payment of an entrance fee. Also feature hotels, multifamily areas, stores, restaurants, and venues for weddings conferences, concerts and other events. Are the perfect meeting point of the XXI century.

This pioneering concept powered by Crystal Lagoons has sparked a revolution just like 200 years ago in England, when the first urban parks were created in London, bringing the forest to the city. Today, beach life can be recreated just meters from home, due to the  Public Access Lagoons™ model, which is changing urban lifestyles around the world.

PAL™ developments offer new public spaces of value and quality of life to millions of people, providing social inclusion, entertainment and relaxation, especially in cities far from the coast, congested or with unfriendly public spaces. It is the sustainable recreational activity of the future, since they are inserted in the cities, bringing the Caribbean experience closer, and avoiding transfers.  

Business with endless opportunities

PAL™ business model has emerged as a solid and robust investment alternative, offering perpetual income far in excess of what can be obtained in other industries. It is highly valued for transforming shopping malls, reconverting retail spaces and reactivating the flow of people to amusement parks, racetracks or golf courses.

These developments generate profits through the sale of lagoon tickets, as well as income from water sports equipment rental, naming rights, retail, memberships, and different activities throughout the year, from corporate events to weddings and concerts.

Its flexibility attracts investors because it can be developed with different investment formats and with models with more or less infrastructure. Even those with minimal initial infrastructure have been successful, as they can expand with their own profits.

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