Public Access Lagoons™ are catalyzers for an Array of Revenue Streams


200 years ago, public parks were introduced into cities in Europe and are now present worldwide. Similarly, beach life can today be recreated in the heart of cities thanks to Crystal Lagoons® pioneering concept and technology, patented in over 190 countries worldwide.

Crystal Lagoons®  first revolutionized the real estate market, with hugely successful projects such as San Alfonso del Mar (Chile), Balmoral, in Texas, and The Blyde in South Africa, but is now expanding its ground-breaking Public Access Lagoons™ business model.

Known as PAL™, these monumental crystalline lagoons can be accessed via ticketed entry, which quickly become dynamic business hubs surrounded by tropical white sand beaches. 

These projects, replicable anywhere in the world, allow developers to create tropical beach life on people’s doorstep, and generate unprecedented profitability. The firm currently has a portfolio of over 2.000 patents worldwide, which it offers to its partners as well as construction and maintenance guidelines for its monumental bodies of crystalline water. These require up to 100 times fewer chemicals and just 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool filtration systems, making them truly unique as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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