Public Access Lagoons™ : Crystal Lagoons® Pioneering Concept and Technology


200 years ago, parks were incorporated into cities. Today, beach life can be recreated in the heart of cities with Crystal Lagoons® pioneering business model and technology, patented in over 190 countries worldwide.

The new Public Access Lagoons™ business model, also known as PAL™, created by the multinational water innovation firm Crystal Lagoons has become a new long-term investment alternative. With return on investment above 50%, the business model has sparked interest in international investorsinvestment fundsfamily officesinsurance companies and large real estate developers currently facing the complex challenge of finding long-term investment alternatives with attractive returns.

These dynamic business hubs are anchored by crystalline lagoons filled with water that fully complies with the most stringent international physicochemical and microbiological water quality standards, and surrounded by tropical white sand beaches. This is achieved by technology created and developed by Crystal Lagoons President and founder, Fernando Fischmann, a forward thinking biochemist and renowned business man.

Global expansion

Large investors from the United StatesAsia, the Middle EastOceania and Latin America have taken interest in Crystal Lagoons new licensing model, which grants them exclusivity for a specific geographic region, and a specific volume of projects.

These contracts are operationally replicable anywhere in the world, and have the additional value of having a high social impact, as they reactivate hubs and boost employment in several industries as PAL developments include a vast array of gastronomic alternatives including restaurantsesplanades for road shows, retail and amphitheaters for recreational and cultural activities.

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