Public Access Lagoons with entry tickets: The New Crystal Lagoons Revolution

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Public Access Lagoons with entry tickets: the new Crystal Lagoons revolution
South African media covers progress made at the first man-made lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons in Africa
Crystal Lagoons signs new deal for man-made lagoon at Houston, Texas
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Public Access Lagoons with entry tickets: The New Crystal Lagoons Revolution

It took only five months for Crystal Lagoons to conquer five continents with its brand new revolution: Public Access Lagoons (PAL). They will provide public access to beach-like lifestyle to everybody, after paying an entry ticket.

PAL will bring lagoons previously reserved for private projects to the masses. Given PAL’s social and urban value, and their contribution to sports and a healthy lifestyle, they have become a global trend with 40 projects, penetrating countries in world regions such as Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, the U.S., and South America.

PAL’s vast versatility makes them the perfect solution for some of the most diverse locations on Earth, such as land sites reserved for future developments, stadia, shopping malls, public and theme parks, golf courses, racecourses, university campuses, and zoos, to mention a few. PAL will make profit out of currently underdeveloped land sites within cities, which today reach 25% of urban areas globally, and they will enhance the list of attractions offered by malls, which are being hit hard by the rise in online shopping and the  new prosperity of local stores, thus providing shopping malls a differentiating element to reactivate visits and sales.

Thanks to this huge success, Crystal Lagoons is making important progress in talks with some of the main shopping mall chains in the U.S. and the Middle East. The firm is evaluating purchasing several land sites across the U.S. for the construction of its own Public Access Lagoons projects.

Crystal Lagoons has myriad goals for Public Access Lagoons. In Townsville, one of Australia’s biggest and most attractive cities for tourism – due to its connection to the Great Barrier Reef – Crystal Lagoons will build a 10-hectare PAL project on the sea surface that will not take away any land from the city, and that will become part of a full urban renovation plan that will offer people the opportunity to swim in jellyfish and shark-free waters.

Within the U.S., Crystal Lagoons will add to Las Vegas the only thing the world’s leisure capital still lacks: beach lifestyle and water sports. In partnership with legendary real estate developer Steve Wynn and at the iconic Las Vegas Strip, Crystal Lagoons builds its biggest project in the U.S. (12.1 Ha) thus far. The lagoon will replace the current golf course at Wynn’s project. Right after the announcement about the incorporation of a PAL into the project, Wynn Resorts stock raised 12% and has kept rising steadily ever since.

In Florida, Crystal Lagoons has partnered with one of Miami’s main theme parks, Jungle Island. The company will build a Public Access Lagoon project that will dramatically increase the number of visits, going from 300.000 to over one million yearly visits.

In both Seoul, South Korea, and in Oniki?ubat, Turkey, Public Access Lagoons will renovate urban areas. In Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, and in Phuket, Thailand, PAL projects will enhance tourism and will contribute to social wellbeing. In Mediterranean cities such as Madrid and Las Vegas, PAL will offer cities the kind of beach lifestyle they lack.

In Chile, the company has already signed one project and is in talks with several shopping mall chains to add PALs to underdeveloped land sites. The scenery and wide beaches PAL offer have made of them the ideal social gathering spot of the XXI century, being inclusive and perfect to host appealing cultural activities and restaurants.

“Public Access Lagoons have dramatically changed the lifestyle in cities. They have turned water sports and a beach lifestyle into something as attainable and common as going to the gym every day”, stated Pedro Lacerda, Crystal Lagoons Global Business Director.

World Partners

In Nigeria, the firm is in discussions to develop Africa’s first PAL project, in partnership with that country’s Tourism Development Corporation. The goal is to retain local tourists within national frontiers, since most of them usually go on holiday abroad. The government agency in charge will project six PAL projects for Nigeria’s main regions.

In Turkey, at the Mediterranean area of Oniki?ubat, the multinational water-innovation company has partnered with the local city council and they will begin construction of a 6.5-hectare pristine clear lagoon that will feature two wide beaches. In Seoul, in partnership with real estate firm Lagoon Korean Partner, they will build four consecutive lagoons within the metropolitan area. Last but not least, a PAL project in Thailand will begin construction within a water park at Phuket, one of the main tourist destinations in the country.

Less than 30 kilometers from Madrid, and in partnership with the local authority and real estate firm Rayet, Crystal Lagoons will make an old dream of Madrid residents come alive: to have a beach. Alovera Beach will become Europe’s first Public Access Lagoon.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.