The benefits of PAL™ projects, a successful business model


Investors all over the world have identified the Public Access Lagoons™ projects, by Crystal Lagoons®, as a new long-term investment alternative, with rates of return unseen in other industries, and a low initial investment.

Also known as PAL™ projects, these crystalline lagoons are powered by technology created by the multinational innovation company. They quickly become the meeting point for thousands of people, thanks to their hotelsrestaurants and areas for retailshows, and even concerts.

Evidence confirms the interest raised by these developments, like the huge success of the first PAL projects in the US. known as Epperson and Lago Mar. They generate a US$50.000 daily in entry-tickets with just 1.200 visitors, due to limited access by the pandemic.

From an investment point of view, as projects are developed they quickly generate profits, creating pyramid-like financing. With a low initial investment, a company with a very high present value is achieved.

The contribution of PAL projects

PAL are also highly valued when renovating retail spaces and malls, reactivate the public’s flow to entertainment parks, take advantage of vacant lots, spaces in the center of racetracks, golf courses or any company that has land in disuse and wants to convert it into a much more profitable industry, thanks to this business model.

In the meantime, these meeting places, anchored by man-made turquoise water lagoons, offer new public spaces of value and quality of life to millions of people, providing social inclusion, recreation and relaxation; particularly in cities far from the coast, overcrowded or with few and unfriendly public spaces.

PAL are not only the business of the future, but also the sustainable recreational activities of times to come, bringing the beach lifestyle, aquatic sports and entertainment close to home.

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