World’s Top Amenity™: Crystal Lagoons® innovation


Patented in more than 190 countries, the sustainable technology of Crystal Lagoons® today is present in more than 1,000 projects on five continents. Created by the company’s founder, Fernando Fischmann, it allows the construction and maintenance of crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes at low construction and maintenance costs.

Together, these benefits have transformed the innovation multinational’s turquoise water lagoons into the World’s Top Amenity™.

Crystal Lagoons® can be reproduced anywhere on the planet, and are the result of years of research carried out by Fernando Fischmann, who created the system that allows them to maintain an excellent water quality at economically viable costs.

In this way, Crystal Lagoons® takes a piece of the Caribbean even to crowded cities, or centers far from the coast.

In fact, it’s the only company in the world capable of offering beach life 365 days a year, even during cold periods, thanks to the installation of domes that cover the lagoons totally or partially and a new technology that tempers the water in the lagoons.

Low cost and revolutionary technology

This is Hot Reef ™, a new technology that allows the water in the lagoons to be kept at 28° C, which provides optimal bathing conditions, similar to tropical seas during the summer, as well as in colder times.

Like all the technologies created by Crystal Lagoons, it is sustainable, and it comes to enhance the tremendous success that this PAL™ business model has had, and that has been patented in more than 190 countries. It will be incorporated at low cost in all the lagoons of Crystal Lagoons.

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