Crystal Lagoons® Announces Latest PAL™ Figures


Much like urban parks were incorporated into metropolises some 200 years ago, today, Crystal Lagoons® can create beach life in the heart of cities with a ground-breaking business model. This innovative concept and sustainable technology have been patented in over 190 countries worldwide.

With a portfolio of over 2,000 patents, its revolutionary concept is currently applied to the company’s Public Access Lagoons™, a business model that has quickly become a new alternative as a long-term investment. Also known as PAL™, the firm has witnessed rapid expansion, with more than 1,000 crystalline lagoons in different stages, spotted across 60 countries.

Over 800 of these include PAL™ components, meaning they grant public access to the lagoon and are amenities are surrounded by not only white sand beaches but retailhotelsrestaurants and include diverse settings for activities ranging from concerts to corporative events to weddings, to be held year-round, with breath-taking views overlooking the pure turquoise lagoon and tropical beaches.

Phases of investment

PAL continues to attract investors as they can be developed under different investment formats, with business models offering more or less infrastructure. Even those with minimal initial infrastructure have seen unquestionable success and can continue to be developed with profits that they generate.

The most limited infrastructure model is anchored by an extensive crystalline lagoon and wide beaches, as well as a green area with kiosks for small businesses.

The second phase offers an intermediate infrastructure format and includes a wedding peninsula, amphitheater for shows and concerts, and spaces for events and trade shows, which open up additional business areas.

The third, most complete investment phase includes all of the above as well as additional infrastructure for retail, restaurants, and hotels.

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