Public Access Lagoons™ are catalyzers for an Array of Revenue Streams

200 years ago, public parks were introduced into cities in Europe and are now present worldwide. Similarly, beach life can today be recreated in the heart of cities thanks to Crystal Lagoons® pioneering concept and technology, patented in over 190 countries worldwide. Crystal Lagoons®  first revolutionized the real estate market, with hugely successful projects such as San Alfonso del Mar (Chile), Balmoral, in […]

Despite Covid-19 Hurdles, Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp.® Sees Solid Sales Performance

With a number of successful master-planned community amenity developments under its belt, Miami-based innovation company Crystal Lagoons® is pursuing a new business model for amenity development, which consists of master licensing agreements for Public Access Lagoons™. The company’s exclusive partners are set to use Crystal Lagoons technology to create public amenities across the U.S. anchored by crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand […]

Beyond Being a Successful Business Model, What Are the Advantages of PAL™ Projects?

Investors around the world have identified Public Access Lagoons™ by Crystal Lagoons® as a new long-term investment alternative, with rates of return unseen in other industries, despite a low initial investment.   Also known as PAL™, the crystalline lagoons are powered by technology created by the multinational innovation company. They quickly become the meeting point […]

Hot Reef ™, the Latest Innovation by Crystal Lagoons®

One of the most important steps for Crystal Lagoons® was the implementation of the Public Access Lagoons™. Also known as PAL™, this technology, which generates a meeting place for events, commerce and retail anchored by a crystalline lagoon, has allowed the company to expand its amenities globally, totaling more than 800 PAL™ projects in different […]

Press Announces Advanced PAL™ Negotiations in Morocco

Medias24, a reputed business and finance media outlet in Morocco, has reported on Crystal Lagoons expansion in the region, announcing that the multinational innovation firm is currently in advanced negotiations in the country. The following is an extract from the interview with Francisco Matte, Regional Director for Crystal Lagoons. Has Crystal Lagoons previously built man-made […]