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Crystal Lagoons® is a multinational company with offices and locations around the world. They have developed and patented state-of-the-art technology that allows them to build and maintain crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes at low costs, offering an idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world.

The company is a leader in innovation and technology. They are focused on improving people’s lives through the creation of new and attractive meeting points for people in their cities. At the same time, they are focused on increasing the value of real estate projects through the implementation of their technology, which in turn helps solve some of the world’s most pressing sustainability issues such as water scarcity, energy scarcity, and pollution.

Crystal Lagoons is the first and only company able to provide their clients with this technology, which has been patented in 190 countries and is transforming the real estate markets of both the private and public sectors around the world.

After only one year of operations, Crystal Lagoons was valued at 1.8 billion dollars by the Boston Consulting Group and set an international record that even companies like Google or Facebook had not achieved within that span of time. During recent years, they have experienced a dramatic increase in the demand for their projects and today they are present in all five continents.

The Innovator’s Dream

The story behind the founding of Crystal Lagoons is an inspiring one. Fernando Fischmann, the founder of Crystal Lagoons, had to overcome a series of difficulties to discover and patent the technology that was able to make the development of sustainable crystal-clear lagoons feasible. His ability to expand his business in both the local and international markets, within a brief period, has made his story become a case study in many prestigious business universities around the world.

The conception of Crystal Lagoons began when Fernando started planning the second home real estate development of San Alfonso del Mar, in Algarrobo, a small town on Chile’s central coast. Although the real estate site had a fantastic view of the sea and was close to the capital, only an hour and a half away from Santiago by car, the local shoreline was unattractive due to cold-water temperatures, as well as the dangerous waves and undercurrents, which posed a risk to bathers, who were forbidden to swim or practices watersports in the area.

Where others saw insurmountable problems, Mr. Fischmann saw an opportunity and envisioned the creation of an enormous lagoon with crystalline turquoise waters that could provide visitors and residents of San Alfonso del Mar with a safe way to swim and enjoy watersports in a clean and family-friendly environment. He began the development of San Alfonso del Mar by hiring the services of a well-known national water treatment company, which he thought would provide him with the technology to make his vision become a reality. The technology this company implemented failed shortly after the opening of the first lagoon. What Fernando had envisioned as crystal clear waters became murky and green. The water treatment company was unable to find a solution to the problem leaving Fernando with an unusable lagoon.

In the search for technology that could provide a way to maintain his concept of a man-made lagoon with crystalline waters at a low cost, Fernando Fischmann, visited reputable companies in Europe, Australia, and the United States, among other countries. Throughout his search, these companies repeatedly told Fernando that the technology he was looking for did not exist or was not something they could develop.

The problem was the following: The San Alfonso del Mar real estate development project included a lagoon of 20 acres (8 hectares), with a water volume of 250,000 m3 (66 million gallons), equivalent to 6,000 traditional pools. If conventional technology were to be used for pool maintenance, 6,000 filters and 6,000 doses of chlorine would be needed, which would make the production and maintenance of Mr. Fischmann’s crystal-clear lagoon economically unviable. When Fernando researched other large swimming pools that existed in the world at the time (approximately 1 acre of water surface-more than half a hectare), he quickly found that they had very high operating costs and maintenance issues that eventually caused them to close.

Fernando Fischmann, a trained biochemist, did not give up on his vision despite the adversity he confronted. Instead, he decided to take matters into his own hands and conduct the research necessary to discover the technology which would make his crystal-lagoon both beautiful and economically viable. He set up an experiment and analysis laboratory with the sole purpose of crafting the technology for his project. Several years later, Fernando was able to transform his vision into a reality with the successful creation of Crystal Lagoons technology.

His revolutionary innovation allowed for the development and maintenance of his first crystalline turquoise lagoon in San Alfonso del Mar and paved the way for the development and maintenance of sustainable and economically viable crystalline lagoons around the world. This technology has since then been patented worldwide to protect Mr. Fischmann's innovation and to allow different options for its commercialization and use.

San Alfonso del Mar, which was initially conceived as a second home development with a total of 400 units, became, after the implementation of Crystal Lagoon's technology, a real estate success, reaching 1,400 units and doubling the original sales price. Fernando Fischmann's man-made crystal-clear lagoon revolutionized the local landscape, not only by providing residents and visitors of San Alfonso del Mar with an attractive and safe area for aquatic activities, but also by offering spectacular views which in turn allowed for the development of other resort and relaxation-based businesses and facilities centered around the new sea-side resort lagoon. All of which transformed and revitalized the entire community of the area.

San Alfonso del Mar, the first project in the world to use this innovative technology, quickly became the "most successful second home resort in the southern hemisphere". The revolutionary nature of this concept and the technology that allowed it to become a reality were commercially highlighted when the San Alfonso del Mar lagoon -with an area of 20 acres (8 hectares) and 0.62 miles (1 kilometer) in length-, was awarded the Guinness World Record in 2007 as the largest crystalline lagoon in the world. During the same year, Mr. Fischmann established the company Crystal Lagoons, with the objective of marketing and commercializing this innovative concept and technology. He began focusing on real estate developments around the world by creating a business model that would allow them to replicate the success obtained in San Alfonso del Mar. He promoted a pioneering model in the real estate market, which he defined under the concept of "selling intelligence” and is in use until today. Crystal Lagoons partners or licenses the technology, while providing architectural conceptual designs, engineering specifications, exclusively manufactured equipment, supervision of the lagoon construction, training of maintenance personnel, permanent telemetric monitoring, as well as marketing and PR support.

Crystal Lagoons has continuously developed new water treatment technologies and patented them in 190 countries worldwide. The company has also licensed the technology and has partnered with the most reputable national and international real estate companies. Currently, they have a portfolio of more than 600 projects in different stages of planning, design, construction, and operation; including urban, tourism, public and industrial projects in 60 countries, in all five continents. Crystal Lagoons has outstanding developments in the United States, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Australia, among other countries.

The company has revolutionized millions of peoples’ way of life around the world. Today, Crystal Lagoons' vision of an improved quality of life is not just a dream, but a reality for hundreds of thousands of families living in their tropical paradise.


Crystal Lagoons has developed and patented various technologies that have enabled a change in peoples’ lifestyle around the world. Today they have offices in five continents with a portfolio of over 2,000 patents in 190 countries around the world. Their scientific efforts are focused on the development of a wide variety of industrial applications that allow them to help solve pressing global sustainability issues, which include water and energy scarcity, as well as environmental degradation.

Stevie® Awards
Stevie® Awards
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Recyclapolis Foundation
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With the Crystal Lagoons concept and technology, it is possible to create a beach lifestyle and tropical paradise anywhere in the world, transforming the local landscape and creating a magical turquoise water environment whose apartments, houses, beach, restaurants, etc. can be enjoyed year-round.

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  • Sustainable technology patented in over 190 countries
  • 5 offices around the world
  • Fast Growth
  • More than 600 projects in different stages of planning, design, construction or operation


  • R+D: Research and development for the improvement, application and development of new technologies. Also, the IP department (within R+D) manages the company's intellectual property from around the world.
  • Legal: Study of standards around the world. Negotiation and structuring of commercial contracts.
  • Sales & Marketing: Worldwide commercial operation. Negotiation of contracts.
  • Architecture: Development of architectural concept proposal for potential clients.
  • Operations: Management of the different mechanical and hydraulic systems operating in the lagoons around the world from the Crystal Lagoons® Control Center, to ensure excellent water quality all year round.
  • Engineering: Development of basic and technical engineering plans for projects.
  • Administration & Finance: Management of assets, accounting and management control, systems and human resources.
  • Branding: Management of the company’s image and brand development.
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Please find in this section some Frequently Asked Questions related to Crystal Lagoons technology.


What are the construction costs of the crystalline lagoons?

One of the big advantages that the Crystal Lagoons concept and technology carries is that it can be implemented at very low construction costs. As a point of comparison, the construction costs of our clear water lagoons can be ten times lower than that of a golf course, and even lower than a public park of the same dimensions.

How can I acquire Crystal Lagoons technology?

In the case of real estate projects, Crystal Lagoons licenses its patented technology, along with the know-how necessary for its adequate implementation. For Public Access Lagoons, Crystal Lagoons partners with developers and earns a small percentage of the entrance ticket income.

Does Crystal Lagoons know-how include the design?

Yes, the know-how that Crystal Lagoons delivers includes consultation from the preliminary to final stages of the project. Our team of architects studies the applicability of the concept and technology in each project, delivering a conceptual design that shows how to add maximum value through the never before seen impact of a crystalline lagoon, always maintaining the original idea and look of the project.

Does Crystal Lagoons build the lagoon?

As part of the provided know-how, Crystal Lagoons provides consultancy from the start of the project. It delivers the information needed (basic and detailed engineering plans and specifications) for any local professional contractor to be able to execute the project without any problem. It is important to mention that construction costs are paid to the local construction company, or the specific supplier of proprietary equipment, materials, or supplies for the construction and/or operation of the lagoon, not to Crystal Lagoons. To ensure quality, specialized Crystal Lagoons professionals provide supervision of the construction, filling and implementation of the lagoon. We also train maintenance personnel to ensure the quality standards are followed. Furthermore, it supplies special Crystal Lagoons equipment and additives and remotely controls the physicochemical variables of the water and the system’s operating valves. This is so that it can ensure permanent compliance with high quality standards for its clients.

What are the operational costs of the lagoons and what do they include?

One of the great advantages of the Crystal Lagoons concept and technology is that it can be implemented at low construction and operational costs. Maintenance costs of Crystal Lagoons technology (including labor, energy and additives) are considerably lower when compared to other amenities, such as parks of the same size. The maintenance costs associated with this revolutionary technology are much lower due to the efficient use of resources that enable up to 100 times less additives to be used than for conventional pool and drinking water technologies and only 2% of the energy required by conventional filtration systems.


What is the depth of the lagoons?

The lagoons can be built at practically any depth, but we do recommend that in certain sectors the minimum depth is 7.9 feet (2.4 meters). The intense turquoise color can be increased with depths over 2.4 meters, and additionally this prevents the presence of bathers that can interfere with the safe practice of water sports. When it is difficult to build deeper lagoons, it is possible to use special proprietary color membranes that allow the creation of the Crystal Lagoons turquoise color with shallower depths.

How much electricity do clear water lagoons consume?

Crystalline lagoons consume up to 2% of the energy used by traditional filtration systems of swimming pools, making this technology efficient and sustainable.

How many additives does a clear water lagoon consume?

Our lagoons use up to 100 times less chemical products than conventional pools and drinking water treatment technologies. This allows for the Crystal Lagoons concept and technology to be ecological and safe.

How much water do the lagoons consume?

This innovative technology has very low water consumption because our lagoons operate on a closed circuit, and are filled just once, so it is only necessary to compensate for the losses due to evaporation. So, using a concrete example, we can say that a 2.5 acre-sized lagoon consumes up to 50% less water than a park of the same size. Meanwhile, if we compare an average-sized lagoon with a golf course, our lagoons can consume up to 30 times less water. Additionally, the Crystal Lagoons technology is continuously improved, with new associated patents and we have developed a new technology that reduces evaporation by up to 50% using a control film.

Is it possible to use fresh water and seawater?

Crystal Lagoons technology can operate equally well with freshwater, seawater or brackish water. Most of these types of water have no alternative use, so our technology provides a sustainable solution for the efficient use of these resources. We currently operate lagoons using all of these types of water.

Does rain affect the quality of water in lagoons?

Direct rain does not have any negative effect on our lagoons. However, the lagoon location should be considered, as well as any adjacent constructions, in order to avoid rainwater runoff into the lagoon. These are factors considered in all projects and our Crystal Lagoons team has vast experience in dealing with them.

What are the effects of organic compounds (leaves, cut grass, etc.), and also dirt and atmospheric dust blown by the wind into the lagoon?

With architectural, construction and scenic details, we avoid organic compounds, dirt and atmospheric dust entering the lagoon, whether from a nearby location or blown by the wind. However, this is not a requirement of our technology, but simply to avoid additional labor to remove this waste from the lagoon.

What if my terrain has shallow ground water?

Crystal Lagoons has developed technical solutions that allow lagoons to be built under these conditions.

What is used on the bottom of the lagoon?

Our lagoons use a membrane that has been developed according to our specifications and under our brand, made exclusively for our licensees in the United States. The membrane characteristics vary from project to project, and are defined by our interdisciplinary engineering team according to the particular geographic, geological and meteorological details of the area.

What color is the membrane?

The membrane color plays an important role in the final water color. The membrane we normally use is a special white color, developed by our Research and Development department. However, different tonalities of membranes can be developed based on the specific requirements of each project and our clients’ needs.

What is the membrane durability?

The membrane has an expected life of over 20 years, and is under a 10 year warranty with the supplier.

What is the recommended size for a crystalline lagoon?

Crystal Lagoons recommends building lagoons with a surface larger than 1.2 acres in order to allow sailing and practicing water sports, and therefore to create a large body of water that is unique and impressive, and that adds incalculable value to the project. On top of that, these lagoons come at such low construction and maintenance costs, that making these massive clear water bodies is economically viable. However, it is possible to develop smaller lagoons depending on the specifications of each project.

How is the water quality of the lagoon controlled?

The hydraulic and mechanical systems are monitored, controlled, and operated remotely by Crystal Lagoons from our Control Center. This enables us to ensure that water quality is maintained within our established parameters, guaranteeing high quality regardless of the location of the lagoon.

What is the area required for the installation of equipment like valves, pumps, filters and others necessary for the maintenance?

Very small areas are required, and these vary depending on the characteristics of the project.



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