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Public Access Lagoons™ projects (also known as PAL™ developments) are a revolutionary patented concept that creates the most profitable business by bringing beach life to the cities. The PAL™ projects obtain multiple revenue streams from entrance tickets, water sports, restaurants, retail, concerts, trade shows, weddings, day clubs, and other events. These venues are the most beautiful place in the city, with a turquoise water lagoon surrounded by white sand beaches. Crystal Lagoons contributes the intellectual property and know-how to make this happen, charging only a percentage of sales, which keeps interests aligned in the project’s success. The technology and business method behind PAL™ projects are patented.

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Public Access Lagoons™ Conceptual Design

Learn how PAL™ projects can be developed with different levels of investment and infrastructure.


There are many places in the world with suitable land for the
development of the Public Access Lagoons™ business model.

Amusement & Water Parks


Shopping Mall



Golf Courses

E-commerce & Covid Proof

Public Access Lagoons™ projects are very unique investments with perpetual returns that are Ecommerce-proof given that they offer experiences rather than products that can be sold online.

Additionally, they have proven extraordinarily successful during the Covid pandemic, since they provide open spaces with controlled access where sanitary measures such as social distancing can be enforced, unlike public beaches.

Endless Ways to Monetize

Public Access Lagoons™ developments can transform any location into a dynamic entertainment hub. With the allure of year-round beach life and activities, PAL™ projects are a catalyzer for a wide array of revenue streams. The low investment and maintenance costs make PAL™ a business model of unprecedented profitability.

& Membership

Beach: Family, Activities & Entertainment

Music Dome & Amphitheater: Concerts & Day Club

Advertising, Sponsorship & Naming rights

Wedding Peninsula

Events Esplanade: Corporate Events, Food Halls & Trade Shows

Restaurants & Retail

Water Sports & Cabana Rentals


. .

Crystal Lagoons® PAL™ Projects:
Better Than a Public Beach

Public Beach Crystal Lagoons® PAL™ Development
White Sand
Turquoise Water
Food & Beverage Services
Water Sport Rentals
Beach Chairs & Cabanas
Security & Crowd Control
Free of Seaweed
Free of Sharks
Free of Stings
Free of Marine Life

Webcam Comparison of a Public Beach
vs. a PAL™ Project at the Same Time

Miami Beach, FL

Thursday at 11:00 am

crystal lagoons epperson

Epperson, Tampa, FL

Thursday at 11:00 am

Master PAL™ Licenses
Available Worldwide

A Master PAL™ Agreement consists of an exclusive partnership with a local partner to develop multiple Public Access Lagoons™ projects in a region. 

Master PAL™ Agreements:
Perpetual Income at Rates of Return Never Seen Before


Provide an unparalleled setting for year-round activities such as trade shows, events, launches, fairs, food halls, weddings, concerts, day clubs, corporate days, and more - indoors and outdoors.


Create a business with high profitability based on massive public access with ticketed entry to the beach, commercial usage, naming rights, and leasing of areas facing the lagoon.​


Provide a long-term investment alternative with returns never seen in other industries.


Quickly generate profits and produce a financing pyramid, which allows, with low initial investment, to create a company with a very high present value.


Operationally replicable anywhere in the world.


Generate high social impact, reactivating urban infrastructure and generating employment.

Be part of the Master PAL™ explosion: there's no other business growing at this rate

Since signing the first Master PAL™ Agreement, Crystal Lagoons
has experienced exponential sales growth thanks to this new business model.

New Hot Reef™ Technology

The new Crystal Lagoons® Hot Reef™ technology makes it possible to keep the bathing area warm at low cost,without interrupting the flow of water with the rest of the lagoon, providing the perfect water temperatureduring the summer, while also extending the lagoon’s use during the winter months.

Warm beach life in any weather condition

The Hot Reef™ technology can be complemented with a removable dome, which allows guests to bathe and enjoy the perfect beach day outside peak season, as well as during rainy or cloudy summer days.

Future developments: Sustainable Paradise
The water in the lagoon and the air in the dome are heated without the use of energy

Crystal Lagoons® has developed and patented a technology that allows cooling Data Centers in a sustainable way, by recirculating water through the lagoon, managing to capture the energy that is usually wasted.

The result is a crystal clear lagoon that can be used for recreational purposes and is heated using only energy residual, which provides hot water throughout the year and warm air if a dome is incorporated.

In this way, the lagoon not only cools the data center, but also opens a new opportunity business with unprecedented profitability thanks to the Public Access Lagoons™ model. This model allows the community to enjoy beach life and water sports in any weather, just with an entrance ticket, and without using heating energy.

PAL™ loopholes connected to data centers allow
tropical beach life year-round, in any weather.

Over 1,000 projects in different stages of operation, planning, and development worldwide

PAL™ Projects in Different Stages of Operation,
Planning, Design and Construction

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