What We Offer

Overview and Benefits

Crystal Lagoons has developed and patented a concept and technology that allows building and maintaining turquoise-water lagoons of unlimited size at a very low cost in an eco-friendly way.

Through a licensing or partnership agreement, developers can access the Crystal Lagoons® System and all the intellectual property necessary to create idyllic beach life anywhere in the world.

In the case of real estate projects, benefits include early monetization, increased sales premiums, and greater sales velocity thanks to the competitive advantage by the World’s Top Amenity.

In the case of PAL® projects, benefits include perpetual year-round revenue generation through ticket sales and multiple commercial activities (hotels, events, concerts, retail, F&B, among others).

Pre Start-up of the lagoon

  • Licensing of intellectual property.
  • Technical specifications, recommendations, and guidelines for the implementation of the technology.
  • Masterplan proposal and conceptual design of the lagoon adapted to different levels of investment and infrastructure.
  • Visits during the construction phase.
  • Ongoing Marketing and PR support to help clients promote their Crystal Lagoons® amenities.

Post Start-up of the lagoon

  • Maintenance guidance and supervision, routine and emergency operation visits.
  • Training of local staff and maintenance personnel.
  • 24/7 telemetric operation system managed online by the Crystal Lagoons® Control Center. The application of additives is determined electronically by injectors and sensors strategically located in the lagoon reporting the physicochemical properties of the water
  • Access to new developments and improvements during the life of the license.
  • Access to proprietary equipment.