What we offer

What We Offer

Crystal Lagoons® technology makes it possible to create a tropical beach paradise anywhere in the world, transforming the local landscape into a breathtaking environment of turquoise waters that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Crystal Lagoons partners with all types of organizations like real estate developers, municipalities, commercial land owners, and entertainment and hospitality companies around the world, by licensing its patented technology and delivering innovative state-of-the-art lagoon concept that creates waterfront destinations.

The experience provided by Crystal Lagoons includes:

  • Lagoon architectural conceptual design, specifications, and activation plan
  • Design criteria and technical specifications for lagoons systems
  • Specially patented equipment with multifunctional intelligent systems for lagoon operations
  • Control, monitoring and operation by telemetry
  • Licensing of intellectual property (patents, branding, etc.)
  • Supervision of lagoon construction
  • Training of maintenance personnel
  • Marketing and PR support