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The expansion of Public Access Lagoons™ projects, known as PAL™, to iconic European cities such as Rome, Milan, Toulouse, and Seville has garnered significant interest in the international press. 

Just days after the announcement, over 1,800 articles have been published worldwide, spotlighting the agreement between Crystal Lagoons, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, and Forty Management. This contract will bring the idyllic beach life to these Mediterranean cities and two Romanian cities. The news was covered by multiple media outlets, including Yahoo! Finance, Europa Press, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and Associated Press, among others.

These new projects strengthen the innovation multinational company’s presence in other emblematic cities of the old continent, such as Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, and Budapest. Thus, with this new agreement, the company is expanding to Italy and France and adding projects in Spain and Romania, where it already has successful complexes such as Santa Rosalía, Alcazaba Lagoon, and Central District Lagoon City.

The sustainability of Crystal Lagoons® technology was once again a determining factor for this agreement, the second with Forty Management, a prestigious and award-winning Romanian property developer with which the multinational has complexes in the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Hungary, characterized by their sustainability.

The introduction of PAL™ projects into touristic and landmark cities like Rome and Milan demonstrates their added value and the appeal of bringing an idyllic beach life steps from homes. The central piece will be a large crystalline lagoon suitable for swimming and water sports, surrounded by white sandy beaches, which anyone can access for an entrance fee. Residential areas, hotels, stores, restaurants, and other high-end commercial and entertainment infrastructure will surround the complex.

“We are delighted that Crystal Lagoons, one of the world’s most innovative companies, has chosen Forty Management to expand into Europe. In partnership, we will bring beach life to the most amazing European cities and improve the quality of life through sustainable projects,” said Lucian Azoiței, CEO of Forty Management.

“The disruptive innovation of Crystal Lagoons® technology, which allows bringing beach life in a sustainable way to any place in the world, is what generates the success of these crystalline lagoons. This has been recognized by avant-garde developers like Forty Management who, after confirming the trend in their first complex, repeat the model to develop new projects, even in cities that would be unthinkable like Rome, Milan or Toulouse,” said Jean Pierre Juanchich, Global Business Director of Crystal Lagoons.

Around an amenity powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology spanning over 3 hectares, the first Conrad hotel, the luxury brand of the Hilton chain, has just been inaugurated in Orlando. Both are part of the Evermore Orlando Resort megaproject, one of the largest tourism developments in Florida.

The turquoise-water amenity creates a true oasis in a city that offers a wide range of entertainment options but lacks a beach. This great resort solved this issue with a crystalline lagoon created by the multinational innovation company founded by the scientist Fernando Fischmann.

The lagoon and the 433-room hotel, which also incorporates a large water-inspired spa and a hydrotherapy garden, are only part of the project’s infrastructure. The complex also includes an 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, one of the greatest golfers in history, and will totalize more than 10,000 rooms with a variety of houses, villas, and apartments.

Evermore is located just steps away from Disney World and Universal, in the city that is the most visited destination in the United States, with 75 million tourists annually.

The huge crystalline lagoon allows the practice of kayaking and paddleboarding. There will be floating cabanas and slides, among other entertainment and bars, restaurants, and other attractions around it. 

“Every hotel project incorporating a Crystal Lagoons® amenity becomes the most attractive destination in the area. Conrad, one of the world’s leading hotel chains, understood this and decided to make a qualitative leap with respect to the existing offer in the most touristic area of the U.S.,” said Iván Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales of Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

The United States is the main operation of Crystal Lagoons worldwide, with more than 275 projects at different stages of development and negotiation. Among the most important are Aqua, Mirada, Sole Mia, Balmoral, Windsong Ranch, Beachwalk, and Southshore Bay. The recent joint venture to develop four Public Access Lagoons™ complexes, also known as PAL™, in Texas, stands out and will add to the successful public access developments in Epperson (Florida) and Lago Mar (Texas).

Spa Opportunities

Around the world, the concept and technology of Crystal Lagoons® have become the leading sales attraction, positively impacting its commercial success. Particularly in the United States, despite the credit and real estate challenges in the current economic conditions, Crystal Lagoons projects continue to defy the market with very impressive sales figures. The rankings from real estate consulting firms RCLCO and John Burns on the best-selling master-planned communities once again demonstrated that crystalline lagoons are a powerful purchasing driver. Sunterra, Mirada, Windsong Ranch and Epperson secured prominent positions in 2023.

These projects ranked among the top 50 best-selling communities. Within the list, Florida leads the ranking, representing close to 40% of the sales for all top-ranked developments, followed by Texas with 37%. In both states, Crystal Lagoons has a significant presence.

In Texas, Sunterra stands out as a project that, even though the crystalline lagoon has not been built yet, serves as a commercial driver within the community, generating sales rates higher than the average, with a significant increase of 63% compared to 2022. This placed it 3rd nationally in both rankings, further boosting the strong performance of Houston, the top-selling metropolitan area in the country. Sunterra’s positive sales results had already been recorded in previous reports.

The Mirada project in Florida, with the largest amenity powered by Crystal Lagoons technology® in the United States, inaugurated in 2023, sets another record. With an 89% increase in sales, it ranks 17th. Its 15-acre of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are a buying trigger.

Another notable project in Texas is Windsong Ranch, which has consistently set sales records, ranking 29th in the John Burns ranking. The project has also been nationally awarded as “Master Planned Community of the Year,” among other recognitions.

On the other hand, Epperson in Florida also ranked prominently in both studies, a commercial trend that has been registered since it was inaugurated as a real estate project. The interest it generated was so significant that it had to be opened to the Public Access Lagoons™ model, also known as PAL™ developments.

The United States is the main operation of Crystal Lagoons worldwide with more than 275 projects at different stages of development and negotiation. Among the most important are Mirada, Sole Mia, Balmoral, Windsong Ranch, Beachwalk, Southshore Bay, Aqua, among others. The recent joint venture to develop four Public Access Lagoons™ complexes, also known as PAL™, in Texas, stands out and will add to the successful public access developments Epperson (Florida) and Lago Mar (Texas).



ONE Park Tower by Turnberry is the real estate project in North Miami that promises to break the paradigm of luxury living in Florida, whose centerpiece is a 7-acre lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology.

The development is part of the SoLéMia project, an 184-acre, World Design Awards-winning residential complex that offers an idyllic setting for living, working, and playing with more than 4,000 residential units and retail space.

ONE Park Tower is a 33-story building with 299 residences offering panoramic views of the crystalline lagoon, Oleta River State Park, and the Miami skyline. In addition to the lagoon, the project will include running trails, a pool, private pickleball courts, a fitness center, a spa, a coworking facility, a library, a wine room, and a children’s playroom.

The complex will offer resort-style, luxury living and was developed by award-winning architecture, design, and landscaping firms. In fact, it is a real estate project that promises to become a benchmark of modernity for the next generation.

“There is tremendous value in adding lagoons to upscale properties,” says Carlos Rosso, a developer behind One Park Tower. “You can create a waterfront community with incredible views in urban areas where that wasn’t previously possible.”

The development not only enhances the area’s market value but also raises the standards of luxury amenities by featuring the crystalline lagoon as its centerpiece, bringing beach life to a part of Miami that is away from the sea

The lagoon is equivalent to 21 Olympic-size pools, where the residents can swim, practice water sports, enjoy its white sandy beaches, and even have a small island. 

“The United States is a market in which Crystal Lagoons continues to grow and where crystalline lagoons have become a must-have amenity in real estate and PAL™ projects,” says Ivan Manzur, senior VP of Sales Crystal Lagoons US Corp.


Sports Illustrated, the legendary magazine known for its in-depth sports coverage and swimsuit model covers, will develop one of its first tourism projects next to the huge lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology at the Lago Mar project in Texas.

The nine-story complex, which includes a 200-room hotel, will be located around the 12-acre crystalline lagoon, the largest in Texas, and, according to the firm, promises an “unparalleled retreat for sports enthusiasts.”

The Sports Illustrated Resort is the result of a joint venture between Sports Hospitality Ventures, LLC (Sports Illustrated) and Lagoon Development (Lago Mar), a firm with which the multinational water innovation company also has a master agreement to develop four Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, scheduled to open between 2024 and 2026.

Sports Illustrated has been working on this project, billed as the “Major League of leisure,” in addition to the hotel, it will also include a Stadium Sports Grill and the Sports Illustrated Beach Club with beachside cabanas, resort services, and a swim-up island bar, among other services. The groundbreaking ceremony is set to take place in the third quarter of 2024. 

“We are thrilled to announce and welcome the arrival of the Sports Illustrated Resorts to Lago Mar,” said Uri Man, Founder and CEO of Lagoon Development.  

Lago Mar, in the heart of Texas, has made an unprecedented impact since its inception. This complex has transformed the lifestyle of this state thanks to its monumental 12-acre lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, which has become the epicenter of family entertainment, fun, and aquatic life in the region.

The success of this initiative is undeniable. It has positioned Lagoonfest Texas as the preferred summer destination and set a record by hosting the largest number of floating cabins in North America, totaling 22. Furthermore, it’s a project that experiences explosive visitation. Last year, the Lagoon welcomed over 80,000 visitors from all states.

The United States is the world’s leading market for Crystal Lagoons. Texas has a significant presence, surpassing Florida, California, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, with multiple projects, including the Crystal Lagoons® amenity. 


In the main Latin American market, the multinational innovation company reinvents shopping centers by incorporating PAL projects in 11 malls and entering Sao Paulo, the fourth-largest city in the world.

Crystal Lagoons signed two mega-agreements to develop 23 new real estate and Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™, in different states of Brazil, including Sao Paulo, whose capital is the fourth-largest city in the world. These new contracts further consolidate the presence of Crystal Lagoons in this country, where it will be involved in projects with shopping centers, with an overall portfolio of 45 projects in different stages of development and negotiation in partnership with leading local developers.

The relevance of one of these major contracts is that the multinational innovation company enters the Brazilian retail sector with 11 public access complexes in partnership with two of the most important chains in this industry in Brazil, Iguatemi and Grupo Ivanhoe de Ancar, and in association with Outlet Park, a holding with extensive experience in the local retail sector.

These projects will be located in the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso Sul, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Goiânia, and Goiás. The first PAL™ complex will be developed in Belo Horizonte, featuring a crystalline lagoon, white sand beaches, and a shopping center, to which will be added hotels, spaces for trade fairs, multifamily areas, restaurants, weddings, multiple stages, terraces, amphitheaters, among other infrastructure according to each development.

“This model will be replicated in all projects, aiming to enhance and improve the experience in shopping centers that must reinvent themselves and compete with e-commerce. In Brazil, we confirm that PAL™ projects are becoming the new ‘anchor’ stores in malls. They provide an optimal response to the modernization needs of these commercial giants to remain points of social integration and entertainment,” explains Miguel Ángel Cabañas, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at Crystal Lagoons.

The other mega-contract further consolidates the presence of Crystal Lagoons in Brazil, entering the wealthiest state in the country, Sao Paulo, with 12 real estate and PAL™ projects in partnership with the ECIPSA group, one of the most important real estate holdings in South America, with 45 years of experience and operations in Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. This company is expanding internationally, alongside Crystal Lagoons, with projects already underway in Israel, and it is also advancing to enter countries in America and Asia.

“We are proud to be able to bring a technology such as Crystal Lagoons® to Brazil’s main state, offering a unique value proposition for the people of São Paulo, who, in addition to the revaluation of the land, will be able to enjoy it with their families 365 days a year in a sustainable manner,” said Jaime Garbarsky, President of ECIPSA Group.

The most relevant projects of Crystal Lagoons in this country include “Brasil Beach Cuiabá Home & Resort” located in Mato Grosso, featuring the first crystalline lagoon in Brazil, and the luxurious second-home complex “Ponta da Figueira,” in partnership with Melnick-Even, one of the most important developers in the country.