Crystal Lagoons Expands PAL™ Projects to Rome, Milan, Toulouse and Seville

Crystal Lagoons continues to conquer iconic cities in Europe. Having already launched in Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, and Budapest, the company is now bringing beach life to Rome, Milan, Toulouse, Seville, and two additional Romanian cities. These Mediterranean cities will now also benefit from Public Access Lagoons™ projects, known as PAL.™ In this way, this innovation […]

Crystal Lagoons Inaugurates 10,000-room Project in Orlando Just Steps From Disney World

More than 10,000 rooms will surround the lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, recently inaugurated in the United States. It is located just steps from Disney World and Universal Studios in the heart of Orlando, the most visited destination in the US, with 75 million tourists annually.  This city offers a wide range of entertainment […]

International Entrepreneurs Visit a Recently Opened Project in Orlando

A visit to the recently opened project of Crystal Lagoons in the United States, located in Orlando, was carried out by more than 30 prominent real estate developers and executives from engineering, consulting, and design firms worldwide. They witnessed firsthand the added value of crystalline lagoons to the real estate, tourism, and entertainment sectors. The […]

PAL™ Project in Thailand is the Setting for Demanding Worldwide Obstacle Race

The Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™, have become the entertainment hub of cities. They not only offer an idyllic beach lifestyle but also host a myriad of activities and events. Blue Tree Phuket, the first development under the PAL™ model in Asia, was the venue for one of the Spartan Race events, […]

Forbes showcases the added value of Crystal Lagoons® amenities

The influential economic publication Forbes has once again dedicated an article to Crystal Lagoons, highlighting the added value of this amenity. “A lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology is such an attraction that community promotions urge folks to Discover Lagoon Living,” the media said, referring to the experience created by these turquoise bodies of water. […]

Crystal Lagoons Strengthens its Presence in Colombia with New PAL™ Projects

Colombia has been a fruitful market for Crystal Lagoons this year. The multinational innovation company entered Latin American retail as part of the largest shopping mall in the Colombian Caribbean and recently signed a new agreement to develop four Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™, projects in Antioquia, one of Colombia’s most influential and […]

Crystal Lagoons Become the Gold Standard Amenity in the Hotel Industry

Crystal Lagoons is transforming the hotel sector after revolutionizing the global real estate and urban entertainment industry with its Public Access Lagoons™ projects. Marriott, Radisson, Conrad, Hyatt Regency, and AVA Resort are some of the world’s leading hotel chains that have identified the transformative value of this amenity and are incorporating it into their projects […]

Crystal Lagoons Expands Public Access Lagoons™ Projects in Texas Through Joint Ventures

Crystal Lagoons, a multinational company that patented the technology that allows building and maintaining turquoise-water lagoons of unlimited size at a very low cost, announces a pivotal milestone in Texas. By executing a master agreement with the Lagoon Development Company, Crystal Lagoons plans to develop four Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, […]

PAL™ Model of Crystal Lagoons Revolutionizes World’s Largest Entertainment Trade Show

With its Public Access Lagoons™ model, also known as PAL™ projects, Crystal Lagoons was a highlight at the world’s most important entertainment industry event, the IAAPA Expo, held in Orlando, USA. In fact, the booth where the multinational showcased its revolutionary public access developments was selected by the event organizers with the IAAPA Brass Ring […]

The New York Times features the global impact of crystalline lagoons

Crystalline lagoons create idyllic beach environments that are enjoyed year-round

The New York Times now dedicated a feature to the ‘global real estate phenomenon’ of Crystal Lagoons. Defining these crystalline lagoons as the new waterfront, the article emphasizes how they have redefined the experience of owning a property by the sea. It underscores their growing interest and their key role in projects worldwide. These turquoise […]

Baia Kristal, a record-breaking sales project in Colombia, opens its doors

Baia Kristal, located in the iconic tourist city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, opens its doors positioned as the #1 sales project in the country since its launch. Its main feature, a 3.2-hectare crystalline lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® technology, has been key to this success, winning over investors and future residents, increasing the project’s value, […]

Crystal Lagoons Project in Turkey Stands Out at Global Healthy Living Summit

In Onikisubat, Turkey, the Public Access Lagoons™ project by Crystal Lagoons, which has the largest lagoon in Europe, is garnering worldwide attention as the venue for a significant expo and summit on healthy lifestyles, green economies, sustainable living, education, and innovation. The event promotes cooperation and knowledge exchange among countries regarding an environmentally respectful and […]