Crystal Lagoons® Announces Innovative Technology, Hot Reef™


Having revolutionized the real estate industry for 10 years, Crystal Lagoons® is moving forward with its business model Public Access Lagoons™, which has seen resounding success worldwide. The multinational currently totals more than 810 projects of this type in different stages of development in relevant markets such as the US, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Central America, among others.

Also known as PAL™, these monumental bodies of crystalline water will incorporate a new technology created by the multinational innovation company founded by Fernando Fischmann.

The state-of-the-art technology, Hot Reef™, will keep the bathing areas in the crystalline lagoons warm, providing optimal bathing conditions similar to those of tropical seas, both sustainably and at a low cost.

Eco-friendly technology

This innovation will keep the water at 28 degrees Celsius (82°F), providing optimal bathing conditions during the summer, as well as in colder periods, and will be incorporated into every water amenity powered by Crystal Lagoons technology. The latter is especially important in the case of PAL, as thousands of people will be able to enjoy these bodies of water year-round.

Like all Crystal Lagoons technologies, Hot Reef is an eco-friendly innovation, which enhances the immense success that this business model has had around the world.

Additionally, during the colder months, the areas with Hot Reef technology can be covered by domes, ensuring use of the lagoons throughout the year, including winter and rainy days.

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