Crystal Lagoons® PAL™ Investment Formats


After revolutionizing the real estate industry for 10 years, Crystal Lagoons® has begun a new corporate phase, innovating life in cities by bringing Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™, and creating beach life just steps away from their homes and quickly becoming the most beautiful places in any city.

The central element of the PAL business model are the firm’s monumental crystalline lagoons suitable for bathing and water sports, which are surrounded by wide stretches of white sand beaches. The public can access these crystalline waters via ticketed entry and they can cater for large numbers of visitors, since people are opting for entertainment options that provide sanitary measures.

PAL attract investors as they can be developed with different investment formats, with business models offering more or less infrastructure. Even those with minimal initial infrastructure have seen undisputable success, and can be continued to be developed with profits they generate.

They emerge as a safe long-term alternative due to their projection against the leading current health and commercial threats, and as such are Covid & Amazon-proof. This is something few economic sectors can offer.

The most limited model in infrastructure considers an extensive crystalline lagoon and wide beaches, as well as a green area with kiosks for small businesses. The second alternative offers an intermediate infrastructure format, and includes a wedding peninsula, amphitheater and concerts, and spaces for events and trade shows, which open up some additional business areas. The most complete investment model incorporates all of the above as well as additional infrastructure for retail, restaurants and hotels.

The infrastructure surrounding the lagoon allows for various events to be set up, from concerts to indoor trade shows to be held throughout the year, with beautiful views overlooking the pure turquoise lagoon.

Most long-term investments such as apartment, retail and office rentals have all been seriously affected by COVID, while Texas’ first PAL, Lago Mar, was inaugurated during Covid and yet has seen unprecedented success.

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