Crystal Lagoons® Records Expansion on African Continent


Africa is experiencing rapid population growth, advancement in infrastructure and is seeing new urban hubs popping up across the region. As a consequence, this has allowed Crystal Lagoons® to consolidate the success it has registered worldwide, with the innovation firm now totaling 29 projects in different stages of planning, design, construction or operation spotted across the continent.

With more than 20 real estate projects, the most important market on the continent for Crystal Lagoons, is Egypt, which hosts the world’s largest crystalline lagoon (30 acres), found in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh. Other high profile developments such as Bo IslandSwan Lake and Porto Golf are expected to open soon.

One of the main characteristics of the African continent are its numerous landlocked extensions and cold and dangerous coastline. Crystal Lagoons technology offers a solution with pure turquoise lagoons, which offer swimming and water sports to be practiced in a safe environment. The firm is also capable of developing projects in landlocked areas, bringing an idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world, from coastal and second row sites, to inland and urban locations.

A revolutionary business model

Crystal Lagoons is also expected to expand its ground-breaking concept in several nations, and is in advanced negotiations to close licensing agreements in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Angola, among other nations. In Morocco, the firm is negotiating a regional master agreement with a local operator, to develop 9 Public Access Lagoons™ in Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Fez and Saidia.

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