Laguna La Pirámide: Nature, Connectivity and Leading Amenities


Ciudad Empresarial is Chile’s strategic commercial sector. Located in the eastern sector of Santiago, the country’s capital, Crystal Lagoons® inaugurated its latest real estate project during 2019. Known as Laguna La Pirámide it is an exclusive apartment condo complex overlooking an impressive crystalline lagoon.

Developed in conjunction with Desco, in addition to an unbeatable, strategic location, it has excellent connectivity, modern infrastructure and extensive green areas surrounding project.

Ciudad Empresarial

An entrepreneurial hub, it is considered unique in the country, and is estimated that approximately 700 companies coexist. This financial sector visibly stands out for being surrounded by green areas, being close to the mountains, but also for its proximity to schools, event rooms, car showrooms, supermarkets as well other real estate projects.

In fact, a cable car is in the pipeline, which will connect the area with Providencia, another important business sector and which promises to transport more than 3,000 people per hour during in peak hours. By car, the journey is takes approximately just 12 minutes, thanks to extensive road works carried out in recent years.

Today, with a portfolio of more than 2,000 patents in more than 190 countries, Crystal Lagoons is the only firm in the world capable of offering this innovative technology, which enables the economically viable development of giant crystalline lagoons suitable for bathing and watersports.

These bodies of water are an essential amenity. According to international media publications, such as Wall Street Journal and Miami Herald, 90% of the U.S.’s 50 best-selling master-planned communities include one, with a strong preference for resort-style lagoons and pools, which have been shown to add differentiating value while promoting a healthy, outdoor lifestyle.

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