Swimathon in San Alfonso del Mar


Crystal Lagoons® water amenities are not only for swimming in and enjoying motorless water sports. They can also host top-level water sports competitions such as the swimathon, which will take place on January 25th in San Alfonso del Mar, off the coast of Chile. This amenity is the multinational’s first lagoon developed with this pioneering technology.

Hundreds of competitors will gather at 07:30 am to swim 3.000 meters in what was once the world world’s largest crystalline lagoon, certified by Guinness Records. Additionally, there will also be a swimathon for adults and children.

The monumental dimensions of the pure turquoise lagoon which spans over 1 kilometer in length and 20-acres in total, have placed the amenity in the spotlight and caused much media attention from around the globe.

The lagoon remains in crystalline condition due to the sustainable technology developed and patented by Fernando Fischmann. It consists in applying controlled pulses of small amounts of oxidants / microbicides in the water of the lagoons, in very specific patterns that are determined by the lagoon’s own algorithms. This way, it is not necessary to maintain a high and permanent level of disinfection in the water.

These lagoons also have very low consumption of water and energy. In fact, compared to a golf course, an average lagoon consumes up to 30 times less water and 50% less than a park of the same size. Additionally, any type of water can be used: salt, fresh or brackish water, while in terms of energy, this technology requires only 2% of what conventional pool filtration systems use.

Swim Chile

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