What makes Crystal Lagoons® technology sustainable?


Crystal Lagoons® patented  technology makes it possible to create a tropical beach paradise anywhere in the world, transforming the local landscape into a breathtaking environment of turquoise waters that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The multinational water innovation company, founded by Fernando Fischmann, partners or licenses its technology to all types of organizations, from real estate developers, municipalities, commercial land owners, to entertainment and hospitality companies around the world, by contributing its intellectual property and delivering an innovative state-of-the-art lagoon concept that creates waterfront destinations.

The technology of Crystal Lagoons applies a system of pulses of disinfection that allows up to 100 times less chemicals than those used in conventional swimming pools. Conventional swimming pool technology requires maintaining high levels of residual chlorine or other disinfectants in the water, to achieve permanent disinfection and avoid contamination of water by external agents, such as swimmers. Maintaining such high and permanent levels of chemicals in large bodies of water has very high costs, which makes it economically unfeasible. In addition, it generates a large amount of by-products that can be harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is not practical to apply this disinfection technology in large bodies of water.

The extraordinary advantages offered by this technology, its low construction and maintenance costs and its sustainable properties, have allowed Crystal Lagoons to have today a portfolio of more than 1,000 projects in different stages of operation, planning, design and construction in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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