Public Access Lagoons™ (PAL™)
in shopping mall
A new revenue stream for your city.
We do all the investing.

Contact us and we will present you a project with commercial terms

A transformative long-term lease opportunity to your shopping mall

Our proprietary Public Access Lagoons™ developments bring turquoise-water lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches and palm trees to previously unimaginable places. Thanks to our technology, we can create idyllic beach life in urban areas, making a piece of the Caribbean accessible steps away from people’s homes through an admission ticket.

Through a long-term lease agreement or a Public-Private Partnership, Crystal Lagoons can incorporate a Public Access Lagoons™ concept in underutilized adjacent land, or even excess parking and create a new revenue for your venue. We do all the investing; you obtain the benefits.

The meeting place of the 21st century

Your shopping mall could become the most beautiful gathering point, a meeting place for the whole family with year-round entertainment, including water sports, concerts, weddings, events, trade shows, day clubs, restaurants, retail, and more.

Benefits for your shopping mall

Obtain a significant new revenue stream through a long-term lease agreement.

Monetize underutilized adjacent land, or even excess parking and maximize the use of existing infrastructure. 

Become the most beautiful place in the city and a year-round entertainment hub.

Attract new people to your development.

Increase the real estate value of surrounding land.

Positively impact the community.

About Crystal Lagoons

Crystal Lagoons is a multinational company that has developed and patented a pioneering technology that allows building and maintaining crystalline water lagoons of unlimited size at very low costs in an eco-friendly way. Today, we have more than 1,000 projects built or indifferent planning and development stages across 60 countries.