Crystal Lagoons®: unbeatable added value for real estate and tourism developments

Líderes Mexicanos, one of the leading economical magazines of Mexico, presented an extensive report of Crystal Lagoons® and its technology, that allows crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes, that have become an unbeatable added value for real estate and tourism developments.

In an interview with Jean Pierre Juanchich, Crystal Lagoons Latin America’s Regional Director, the magazine highlights that the multinational water innovation company has developed projects in Mexico like Diamante Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California, Bluu in Mazatlán and in Riviera Maya and Nayarit, among others.

Crystal Lagoons is “a technology company with more than a thousand projects, at different stages of development, all over the world, that was founded by Fernando Fischmann, a real estate entrepreneur biochemist, that dreamt of bringing the idyllic beaches of the Caribbean to Chile”, explains Juanchich.

Today, the innovate multinational is developing negotiations in Mexico to achieve an exclusivity master agreement to develop 30 Public Access Lagoons ™ projects, also known as PAL™ projects. These developments have already enchanted many markets, like US (16 PAL), Central America (18 PAL in El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and Belize), Korea (30 PAL) and Pakistan (15 PAL).

These projects “generate hotspots near big urban hubs, that already have that large space touristic attraction vibe. In big parks the main attractions is the lagoon, whether for nautical sports and swimming, or its adjacent retail spaces and malls. In fact, we have witness and increased interest in these projects, hand in hand to the pandemic” adds the executive in the interview.

Among the operational projects in Mexico Diamante Cabo San Lucas stands out, a project that due to the subprime crisis faced financial issues. However, after including a Crystal Lagoons amenity it positioned itself as the most important resort in Baja California, with villas worth between US $ 2 and 4 million and US $ 70 thousand a week of timeshare.

Diamante and other previous developments where the example that generated the attention of well-known Mexican investors in the PAL Projects business model.

The new public access developments appraised by investment funds and local real estate firms would be located in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Cuernavaca, Cancun, Merida and Morelos, among other localities.

“Mexican investors identified these developments as a new alternative of long term investments, with never-before-seen return rates, low investment and limited risk. Each project has an estimated initial investment of about US $ 8 million, and as they are being built they quickly generate profits, which allows an organic financing of the growth and development of the business; and with a low initial investment, create a company with a very high present value.”, explains Jean Pierre Juanchich, Crystal Lagoons Latin America’s Regional Director.

The PAL projects are monumental man-made lagoons with turquoise water, surrounded with beaches, suitable for swimming and nautical sports, that can be accessed through a ticket. Additionally, and thanks to a new Crystal Lagoons technology named Hot Reef™, bathing zones are kept year round at 28°C, providing optimal conditions at a sustainable and low rate, similar to tropical seas that allows enjoying them all seasons.

PAL developments are internationally known for their added value and contribution to the cities, becoming the most beautiful place of the area. There are projects with more or less infrastructure, and the most complete have spaces for fairs, food-halls, marriages and events, retail, amphitheaters, shows and concerts in multiple locations like beaches, terraces and domes.

“Mexico is a market with great potential for PAL projects due to its climate and population, among other features. These developments will change the lives of millions of Mexicans by bringing a fraction of the ocean within walking distance of their homes and preventing them from having to take a car or plane to go to the beach, with the resulting environmental savings”, concludes Juanchich.

In fact, areas such as PAL projects are being particularly needed in cities after the confinement, as people prefer to relax in areas closer to their residence, and in controlled enclosures that guarantee sanitary measures. Being able to have a beach lifestyle and recreation close to home reduces many of the liabilities.

Líderes Mexicanos

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Ascensions on Lake Travis marks the latest Public Access Lagoons® venture signed by Crystal Lagoons in Texas, adding to the multinational innovation company’s array of complexes across the state. 

The project’s standout feature is a sprawling 2.1-acre crystalline lagoon suitable for swimming and water sports. The lagoon will be the centerpiece of a high-end hotel development, solidifying the foothold of Crystal Lagoons in the hospitality industry. Notably, it will be the first Public Access Lagoons® project—also known as PAL® developmentsin Austin, promising a completely new and unique entertainment offering accessible to all through ticketed entry.

Located in Spicewood, a mere 45 minutes northwest of Austin, this development, in partnership with Austin Real Estate Ventures, promises more than just pristine beaches. Luxury residential units, retail boutiques, restaurants, and bespoke services will complement the lagoon, epitomizing the quintessential PAL™ experience.

Crystal Lagoons® technology will not only bring beach life to this area of the Lone Star State but do so sustainably, alleviating the need for Spicewood residents to travel far for coastal recreation and thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Derek Diaz, CEO of Austin Real Estate Ventures, affirms, “We’re thrilled to partner with Crystal Lagoons to curate the ultimate resort destination, bringing white sand beaches, vibrant blue water, and luscious palm trees to the most desirable location in the state, Lake Travis, in the heart of Texas Hill Country.”

“Every hotel project incorporating a Crystal Lagoons® amenity becomes the most attractive destination in the area. These bodies of water change the paradigm of vacation developments with world-class hotel and resort standards”, explains Iván Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales at Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

The United States stands as the primary global market for Crystal Lagoons, with over 275 projects in various stages of development and negotiation. Texas, in particular, boasts over 70 complexes, including notable successes like Lago Mar, Balmoral, Windsong Ranch, Sunterra, and Sierra Vista, among others. 

The inauguration of Crystal Lagoons project in the United StatesEvermore Orlando Resort, featuring its impressive 8-acre crystalline lagoon and extensive beaches, steps from Disney World and Universal, has captured the attention of the global press. Nearly 500 media outlets from various countries, including Yahoo!Associated PressNBCFoxABCCBSWashington Daily NewsFinanzen y Benzinga, have covered the news, emphasizing the significance of this tourism milestone.

Since then, numerous articles have highlighted this iconic development, considered one of Florida’s most significant tourism projects. It is located in the heart of Orlando, the most visited destination in the US, with 75 million tourists annually. With over 10,000 rooms surrounding the lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, this amenity marks a before and after for the city, which lacked a beach despite its comprehensive entertainment options. Crystal Lagoons solves this problem by introducing a monumental body of water that brings idyllic beach life, redefining hotel standards, and consolidating its presence in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Surrounding the crystalline lagoon is Orlando’s first Conrad hotel, a luxury brand of the Hilton chain, as well as various homes, villas, and apartments. In addition, there is an 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, one of the greatest golfers in history.

“Every hotel project incorporating a Crystal Lagoons® amenity becomes the most attractive destination in the area. Conrad, one of the world’s leading hotel chains, understood this and decided to make a qualitative leap concerning the existing offer in the most touristic area of the U.S.,” said Iván Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales of Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

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Around the world, the concept and technology of Crystal Lagoons® have become the leading sales attraction, positively impacting its commercial success. Despite the credit and real estate challenges in the current economic conditions, Crystal Lagoons projects continue to defy the market with very impressive sales figures, particularly in the United States. The rankings from real estate consulting firms RCLCO and John Burns on the best-selling master-planned communities once again demonstrated that crystalline lagoons are a powerful purchasing driver. SunterraMiradaWindsong Ranch, and Epperson secured prominent positions in 2023.

These projects ranked among the top 50 best-selling communitiesFlorida leads the ranking within the list, representing close to 40% of the sales for all top-ranked developments, followed by Texas with 37%. In both states, Crystal Lagoons has a significant presence.

In Texas, Sunterra stands out as a project that, even though the crystalline lagoon has not been built yet, serves as a commercial driver within the community, generating sales rates higher than the average, with a significant increase of 63% compared to 2022. This placed it 3rd nationally in both rankings, further boosting the strong performance of Houston, the top-selling metropolitan area in the country. Sunterra’s positive sales results had already been recorded in previous reports.

With the largest amenity powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology in the United States, Mirada in Florida, inaugurated in 2023, sets another record. With an 89% increase in sales, it ranks 17th. Its 15 acres of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are a buying trigger.

Another notable project in Texas is Windsong Ranch, which has consistently set sales records, ranking 29th in the John Burns ranking. The project has also been nationally awarded as “Master Planned Community of the Year,” among other recognitions.

On the other hand, Epperson in Florida also ranked prominently in both studies, a commercial trend registered since its inauguration as a real estate project. The interest it generated was so significant that it had to be opened to the Public Access Lagoons™ model, also known as PAL™ developments.

The United States is the main operation of Crystal Lagoons worldwide, and it has more than 275 projects at different stages of development and negotiation. Among the most important are Mirada, Sole Mia, Balmoral, Windsong Ranch, Beachwalk, Southshore Bay, Aqua, among others. The recent joint venture to develop four Public Access Lagoons™ complexes, also known as PAL™, in Texas stands out and will add to the successful public access developments Epperson (Florida) and Lago Mar (Texas).

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