Crystal Lagoons® is highlighted in Egypt


Crystal Lagoons® has one goal. To bring a piece of a tropical experience to every corner of the world. In addition, its projects in Egypt have been praised as one of the biggest investments in the country.

Media outlet Egyptian Streets met with Chile’s ambassador for Egypt, Pablo Arriarán, to talk about country’s presence in the African country. There, Ariarrán mentioned Crystal Lagoons as one of the main industries present in the country, along with ENAP (National Petroleum Company) thanks to Sharm El Sheikh Project.

Crystal Lagoons® commitment to bring turquoise waters to large bodies of water has made it renowned in most of the world, where companies and private investors are looking forward to bring an idyllic beach life near the city.

Thanks to its concept of location, location, location, wherever a developer signs with Crystal Lagoons®, people notice immediately how their unused land turns into a beautiful crystal-clear water lagoon, even in Egypt, where dry areas are what people expect from the zone.

With its white sand beaches, Sharm El Sheikh feels like an Oasis popped out in the middle of the desert. In addition, thanks to its sustainable technology, Crystal Lagoons® projects are eco-friendly and boost the economy at the same time, bringing a new flux of visitors, tourists and Egyptians looking forward to have a great day.

Alastair Sinclair, the firm’s Regional Director, explains the Crystal Lagoons success has spread throughout the African continent

“In Egypt, we have 20 operational projects, under construction or negotiation and what is currently the largest crystalline lagoon in the world that spans 30 acres and holds the Guinness World Record since 2015. In South Africa we have a total of 14 real estate developments and PAL, and in Nigeria, Morocco and Angola, the firm has projects at different stages of development and negotiation,” says Alastair Sinclair.

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