HOT REEF™, the latest innovation by Crystal Lagoons®


One of the most important steps for Crystal Lagoons® was the implementation of the Public Access Lagoons™. Also known as PAL™, this technology, which generates a meeting place for events, commerce and retail anchored by a crystalline lagoon, has allowed the company to expand its amenities globally, totaling more than 800 PAL projects in different stages of development. Many of these are in Korea, the United States, and Malaysia, to name a few countries.

However, the firm is already preparing an additional technology that will expand the firm’s presence in the coming years. Known as Hot Reef™, it consists of a new technology that ensures the water is maintained at 82°F, year-round.

Eco-friendly technology

This innovation will keep the water at optimal bathing conditions during the summer, as well as in colder periods, and will be incorporated into every water amenity powered by Crystal Lagoons technology. The latter is especially important in the case of PAL, as thousands of people will be able to enjoy these bodies of water year-round.

Additionally, during the colder months, the areas with Hot Reef technology can be covered by domes, ensuring use of the lagoons throughout the year, including winter and rainy days.

Like all Crystal Lagoons technologies, Hot Reef is an eco-friendly innovation, which enhances the immense success that this business model has had internationally.

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