San Alfonso del Mar Defined as “Architectural Wonder”


Crystal Lagoons® first lagoon, known as San Alfonso del Mar, located off the coast of Chile, has been defined as an “architectural wonder” by the sports website, Triatletas en Red. Once holder of a Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest crystalline lagoon, it’s concept and technology were created by the biochemist, Fernando Fischmann.

“This architectural wonder, which seemed like a utopia actually exists, and is the size of 6.000 normal swimming pools and spans over 20 acres and over a kilometer in length. Without a doubt a paradise for water lovers fond of swimming and triathlons,” states the article.

For years, different water treatment technologies have been applied in large bodies of water, with the objective of achieving good quality, such as the use of ozone, aeration and movement of water, enzymes, biological equilibrium and fish, among others. However, none of these methods have managed to create large bodies of crystalline water with high transparency and microbiological quality.

For this reason, Fernando Fischmann, founder of Crystal Lagoons and biochemist by profession, created a sustainable technology method and system that allowed him to build and maintain large crystalline lagoons with excellent water quality at very low costs.

The American firm, recently valued at US $4.1 billon, has developed a pioneering and sustainable technology that has been patented worldwide. This technology allows crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes to be built and maintained at very low costs anywhere in the world, using a minimum amount of additives and energy.

Triatletas en Red

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