What is a PAL™ project by Crystal Lagoons®?


Designed by Crystal Lagoons®, the concept and business model called PAL™ projects is the new venture by the same company that brought unlimited-sized crystalline water lagoons surrounded by white sand. Now, retail, hotels, gastronomical services, and private investors can have their own tropical paradise to increase visitors with an attractive amenity or charge for an entrance to this paradise inside the city.

The PAL business model, which fits perfectly for shows, streaming events, corporate events, fairs, weddings, among others, has the particularity of being a low-cost initial investment and highly profitable. It has shown to reach numbers unknown in other industries, which has awoken interest from high-end economic groups looking forward to closing master licenses that guarantee exclusivity over some geographic regions and developing an important number of PAL™ in that region.

The number of these agreements has skyrocketed during the last months and represents a new high in sales for Crystal Lagoons® in its whole history.


Flexible Conceptual Design

PAL™ projects are highly valued for the transformation of malls and to transform retail spaces, as well as to reactivate visitors to amusement parks, racetracks or golf courses.

Its low investment and maintenance costs make PAL™ developments into a high return investment as no one has ever seen, which can transform any unused terrain into a place full of fun. Even the surrounding area generates a steady income since all activities and food stands can be profitable all year long.

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