Crystal Lagoons® PAL™: High Profitability, Covid & Amazon-Proof

Crystal Lagoons® business model, Public Access Lagoons™, are projects that offer rates of return higher than any industry, operationally replicable anywhere in the world. With this, the multinational innovation company brings beach life to every city in the world.

The global pandemic is changing recreational activity and tourism, with people prioritizing locations close to home and offering adequate sanitary measures. This has generated the need for new recreational infrastructure in cities around the globe.

This requirement in urban surroundings offers a new investment alternative, albeit of a higher complexity. Such projects must be sustainable in times of Covid and the rapid expansion of Amazon, which is taking over various economic sectors. Investors continue to seek out long-term stability and guaranteed profitability, at a time when different industries are seeing their margins reduced. Operations that ensure profitability despite the two above-mentioned threats, will be those that reap the most advantages.

A business that emerges as a safe investment alternative with perpetual income, due to its robustness against such sanitary and commercial pressures, while also offering superior profits in comparison to those obtainable in other industries, are Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™. The concept and business model was created by the water-innovation multinational firm, Crystal Lagoons®. 

Competitive advantages 

PAL generate income through ticket sales revenues, boat rentals, corporate events, weddings, concerts, etc.

PAL are emerging as an alternative that is proving to be intensive in terms of public assistance, because people are preferring options with sanitary controls. They are Covid and Amazon-proof and despite a low initial investment, a company can quickly boast a very high present value, since even while they continue to be built, they generate profits and pyramidal financing.

Interest in investments such as PAL can be demonstrated by their success in Japan, a nation known for its outstanding technology, as well as the United States, Korea, Central America, and Pakistan, among other large-scale licensing agreements that Crystal Lagoons has signed.

In the U.S., while most long-term investments, such as residential, commercial and retail real estate operations have been seriously affected by Covid, the first PAL in Texas (Lago Mar) and Florida (Epperson) have generated unprecedented returns, with daily ticket revenues amounting to US $50,000, reservations selling-out a week in advance and very low operational costs.

The PAL model has continuously allured investors due to its commercial versatility, as they can be developed with different investment formats, with models offering more or less infrastructure. Even those with minimal initial infrastructure, such as Lago Mar and Epperson in the U.S., have seen major success.

The central element of PAL are monumental crystalline lagoons suitable for bathing and water sports, surrounded by wide stretches of white sand beaches, which the general public can access via ticketedentry. The format offering the least amount of infrastructure comprises of a lagoon, beach and green areas with kiosks for small businesses. The second format, with intermediate infrastructure, also includes a peninsula for wedding ceremonies and can host events, concerts, trade shows, etc. indoors, year-round with beautiful views of the turquoise lagoon, opening additional business areas. The most complete investment model incorporates all of the above and additional infrastructure for retail, restaurants and hotels.

The commercial and sanitary advantages of PAL have sparked the interest of relevant economic groups across the globe, seeking to take next steps so as to secure exclusivity in certain geographic regions through master agreements, which assign an important number of PAL in a specific area.

PAL are a highly valued asset for reconverting dwindling malls and redeveloping retail spaces, while also reactivating foot traffic to entertainment parks, racetracks, golf courses, etc. They are also of interest for companies with under-used land seeking to convert into a profitable business.

Crystal Lagoons is also in advanced negotiations in South Africa, Australia, the Middle East (specifically Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates), Israel, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Cambodia, Botswana, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, among other countries.

Corporate content

Latest News

In Onikisubat, Turkey, the Public Access Lagoons™ project by Crystal Lagoons, which has the largest lagoon in Europe, is garnering worldwide attention as the venue for a significant expo and summit on healthy lifestyles, green economies, sustainable living, education, and innovation.

The event promotes cooperation and knowledge exchange among countries regarding an environmentally respectful and sensitive culture within cities.

The Mayor of Onikisubat, Hanefi Mahçiçek, emphasized the significance of this development as the most prominent setting for the event due to its environmental characteristics. He also noted that the PAL™ development is part of the urban plan to transform the city into a model and modern district.

Indeed, one of the attributes of this project, in partnership with the local municipality, is the sustainability of Crystal Lagoons® technology and its contribution to urban public entertainment, setting a new standard with high social impact.

This Expo 2023 features the participation of over 24 countries and is expected to draw more than 2 million visitors worldwide. The exhibition encourages cooperation and knowledge exchange among countries on healthy lifestyles, green economies, sustainable living, education, and innovation.

The sustainability of Crystal Lagoons® technology, which has received multiple global awards, has been certified by Bureau Veritas for its low water and energy consumption. Another noteworthy feature is that it uses any type of water: fresh, seawater, or brackish. It uses up to 100 times fewer chemicals than a traditional pool and can reduce the carbon footprint in the tourism and transportation sector by over 40%.In Turkey, Crystal Lagoons is also in advanced negotiations to develop PAL® projects in several country cities. These complexes provide access to crystalline lagoons and white sandy beaches for anyone through the purchase of a ticket, delivering a tropical paradise experience amid the city. Around the lagoon are spaces for fairs, launches, food halls, weddings, hotels, shops, restaurants, and concerts on multiple stages, terraces, domes, and amphitheaters.

Crystal Lagoons has completed a significant expansion in Australia. The multinational innovation company has signed an important contract with investment fund Vibranium Capital Partners to develop 16 new Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, in Australia. Additionally, the agreement considers the possibility of entering with ten additional projects in other countries in Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Australian cities have been ranked among the best in the world because of their geographical richness and nature. Through this contract, cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast will have large crystalline lagoons suitable for swimming and water sports, surrounded by white sand beaches. These complexes contribute new beach hubs, catering to the Australian lifestyle where aquatic activities and entertainment are prioritized.

While these cities are located close to the coast, the projects of Crystal Lagoons will develop second and safer shorelines. They will provide additional tourist infrastructure to the natural beaches that enable people to swim and practice water sports securely, free from the sea risks in that area.

The partner in this contract is an Australian investment fund with operations in Oceania, the Americas, and Asia, with more than 30 years of experience and an investment portfolio of US$4 billion. The firm’s interest in the PAL™ model is to expand its strategic partnerships and real estate development opportunities in key markets.


What to expect

Like all public access projects of Crystal Lagoons, the centerpiece is a crystalline lagoon, which can be accessed via ticketed entry. The PAL™ complexes also incorporate restaurants, multifamily areas, hotels, retail, beach clubs, etc.

Australians love the water and outdoor life. However, as with many tourist destinations worldwide, coastal edges are highly developed, and land is expensive. PAL™ developments offer a successful and sustainable alternative to developing beach and recreational infrastructure in inland areas, giving a larger part of the population access to these recreational spaces,” said Alastair Sinclair, Regional Director of Crystal Lagoons.

“We look forward to leveraging our experience under this partnership and the potential of Crystal Lagoons® concepts and technology, particularly in Australia. We will now focus on building partnerships with strategic investors, developers, and landowners in each of the territories to bring these projects to fruition,” added a Vibranium Capital Partners spokesperson.

Dive into our PAL™ projects and enjoy a new stream of possibilities here! 

Since expanding to the United States, the success of Crystal Lagoons has not stopped. Their developments have always been at the forefront of real estate sales rankings in the country. This is the case with their first project, Epperson in Florida, to the newest ones, Mirada and Sunterra in Florida and Texas.

This is again confirmed by the 2023 real estate ranking by RCLCO, one of the USA’s leading real estate consulting firms, recently released. In it, five projects of Crystal Lagoons are among the top 50 top-selling master-planned communities in the country. These include Sunterra, Sierra Vista, Windsong Ranch in Texas, and Mirada and Epperson in Florida.

All of them have a crystalline lagoon as a central piece. Sunterra was the best-selling development in Texas, with a 49% increase. Mirada, which features the largest artificial lagoon in the country, grew 59% in sales, being the project of Crystal Lagoons with the greatest dynamism.

Within RCLCO’s rankings, developments with crystalline lagoons are always among the best sellers. Crystalline lagoons impact the speed of sale and price, generating an advantage over the competition.

According to the consultancy, the success and added value of the lagoons are because amenities like these are among the most sought after by families in this country. These bodies of water allow for water sports, beach life, outdoor activities, and access to nature, benefits that buyers increasingly value.

“Artificial lagoons are a cross-cutting sales driver confirmed in various rankings in all their versions, such as RCLCO and the John Burns Real Estate Consulting ranking. That’s why the United States is the world’s main market for Crystal Lagoons, with more than 275 projects in different stages of development and negotiation,” explains Ivan Manzur, Senior VP of Sales at Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

This success reflects how the Crystal Lagoons® concept and technology, patented worldwide, has become the world’s top amenity, changing the landscape and creating a unique environment of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.


RCLCO, Real Estate Advisors

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