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Crystal Lagoons already has a strong presence in Latin America, with 200 projects at different stages of development and negotiations in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, the Caribbean region, and other countries. 

The regional expansion is set to continue with the addition of Guyana and Suriname, two new markets with a limited geographical area, population, and tourism infrastructure. The company will develop Public Access Lagoons™ projects under a master agreement with Grupo Monarch, a local leading conglomerate of international franchises.

The agreement is centered on developing the real estate, financial and tourist potential that these crystalline lagoons offer, transforming urban lifestyle by introducing idyllic beaches in the middle of major cities.

Recreating urban developments hubs

In Guyana, the venture will seek to capitalize on an expanding economy that has seen a 60% growth in GDP due to the discovery of oil deposits in recent years. The first of several PAL™ projects will be developed in Guyana’s capital Georgetown, which has a coastline with water that is unattractive for bathing

The new resort will be called “Golf Club Houses & Eco Hotel,” and will feature a lagoon as the central attraction, surrounded by a hotel complex, a golf course, residential homes, and other related infrastructure typical of this public access model.

“The entry of Crystal Lagoons to Guyana and Suriname is proof of the added value of this type of amenity and its role as a catalyst in creating urban development hubs. For the price of an entrance fee, the general public will be able to enjoy the crystalline lagoons and white sandy beaches of the PAL™ complexes, a true tropical paradise in the middle of a city,” said Miguel Angel Cabañas, regional director of Crystal Lagoons for Latin America and the Caribbean.

These large bodies of crystalline water maximize the touristic potential of urban areas in different countries and cultures through the creation of environmentally friendly hotspots. PAL™ projects have received a number of international awards for their sustainable technology that has been certified by Bureau Veritas for its minimal use of water – which is 40% lower than a green area of equivalent size and 33 times less than an 18-hole golf course – and energy, which is only 2% of the power required by conventional swimming pool filtration systems.

Brazilian investors have expressed interest in developing Crystal Lagoons Real Estate and Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments built using the Crystal Lagoons® technology. The company saw a phenomenal turnout at its recent roadshow held in Sao Paulo, the country’s financial and economic capital, which opened up several new business opportunities to continue growing in Latin America’s largest economy.

In only two days, the multinational company held 12 meetings with major players from the real estate, construction, entertainment, and retail sectors, which confirms that the company’s crystalline lagoons technology is an attractive long-term investment prospect for Brazil that promises high returns and the potential to stimulate social and economic growth. 

A delegation headed by Miguel Cabañas, regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, held meetings with investors from Sao Paulo, Goiás, Tijuca, Santa Branca, Fortaleza, and Porto Alegre, providing them with a more in-depth understanding of Crystal Lagoons‘ business model, concept and technology. 

This visit could lead to a master services agreement for 12 potential projects in Sao Paulo, in addition to developments in Goiás, Fortaleza, and Porto Alegre and the construction of crystalline lagoons in one of the country’s most popular shopping centers, which confirms the interest from the retail sector.

Crystal Lagoons already has more than 40 ongoing projects in Brazil at different stages of execution, in partnership with the country’s leading property developers. These include: “Brasil Beach Cuiabá Home & Resort” located in the state of Mato Grosso, west of Sao Paulo, which was the first crystalline lagoon to be built in Brazil; and the luxurious second home complex “Ponta da Figueira,” built with Melnick-Even, one of the country’s most important resort developers.

The debut of the first crystalline lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® patented technology in Orlando has generated so much interest in the press, which has described it as a true tropical beach paradise.

It is a milestone for the city, with Evermore Orlando Resort as its epicenter, as the addition of the crystal-clear lagoon provides an additional attraction for tourists, offering a dreamlike place to enjoy the sun and water in the heart of the city.

Orlando is incredibly attractive due to its endless entertainment offerings. The only thing missing in the most visited destination in the United States was beach life. With a Crystal Lagoons® amenity at its core, the project will bring a piece of the Caribbean to this iconic landlocked city, allowing visitors to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in a tropical oasis with turquoise waters and white sand beaches”, explains Ivan Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales of Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

World-Class Standarts

Evermore Orlando Resort will be transformed into one of Florida’s largest tourism projects, shifting the paradigm of vacation developments with world-class hotel standards. More than 10,000 rooms will surround the monumental crystalline lagoon.

Around this body of water and extensive beach areas of the project, the first Conrad hotel (Hilton’s luxury brand), with 433 rooms. In addition, there will be a varied offer of houses, villas, and apartments. The complex will feature an 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, one of the world’s best golfers.


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At the exclusive residential and hotel complex  “The Beach Punta Cana City Place” the largest crystalline lagoon in the Caribbean, developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology, was inaugurated. This impressive turquoise body of water spans over 3 hectares and is also the first crystalline lagoon in the Caribbean region, created by the multinational innovation company. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and palms, this amenity has become the centerpiece of the project, offering residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy water activities and sports in a safe and private environment.

Dream Destination 

Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, is renowned as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Every year, millions of visitors from around the world are drawn to its stunning beaches and wide range of hotel offerings, including luxurious resorts and tourist complexes with a variety of activities. With this monumental crystalline lagoon, Punta Cana further consolidates its position as a dream destination for beach lovers.

“The Beach Punta Cana City Place” is situated on a 21-hectare plot surrounded by lush natural beauty. In addition to offering apartments and luxurious hotel facilities, the project incorporates a wide range of entertainment areas, exclusive shops, gyms, restaurants, sports facilities, and event spaces. With these amenities and the inclusion of the crystalline lagoon, it stands as an exceptional destination for those seeking to enjoy an idyllic beach lifestyle in an exclusive and paradisiacal setting.

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If the first crystalline lagoon in the Epperson project, in Tampa, caused a revolution and an unprecedented commercial phenomenon, all attention is now focused on another project in Tampa: Mirada Lagoon, which was recently inaugurated, marking a milestone in the United States. Located in Pasco County, it stands out as the largest in the country. Developed by Crystal Lagoons in partnership with Metro Development Group, Mirada Lagoon joins other successful projects in Florida, such as Epperson, Southshore Bay, and Brightwater.

With an expanse of 15 acres, the monumental crystalline lagoon of Mirada in San Antonio offers turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, providing a perfect environment for entertainment, relaxation, and a wide variety of water activities. Visitors can enjoy water slides, floating obstacle courses, kayaking, paddle boarding, and much more, immersing themselves in the idyllic beach life.

The monumental crystalline lagoon, located in San Antonio, covers 15 acres of turquoise waters and is surrounded by white sand beaches, providing an unparalleled meeting point for relaxation and entertainment. Visitors can enjoy and partake in various water activities such as slides, water games, floating obstacle courses, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more.

Just like in different parts of the world, Crystal Lagoons® technology has transformed the urban landscape in several cities across the United States. Florida, in particular, has experienced a significant impact, as it is one of the states where the multinational water innovation company has achieved astonishing success since it arrived in the country.

The first development was Epperson, which from the outset was a commercial success. Every year it leads the rankings of the best-selling real estate developments in Tampa and the U.S. In fact, when part of the complex’s artificial lagoon opened to the general public, it triggered a wave of ticket sales worth US$50,000 daily with up to 1,200 visitors every day. Tickets began selling out weeks in advance.

Artificial lagoons are the crossways and driving force behind Crystal Lagoons projects in the U.S. This is apparent in the different rankings such as that of RCLCO and John Burns Real Estate Consulting. All of the projects with Crystal Lagoons amenities that are at the sales stages in Florida are among the top 50 best-selling real estate projects annually,” says Iván Manzur, Senior VP of Sales, Crystal Lagoons US Corp.


That’s so Tampa

As the “Champion of Champions” winner in the latest edition of the “Green World Awards,” Crystal Lagoons was granted the privilege of hosting the award ceremony for the 2023 edition of these awards that recognize the best sustainable practices worldwide.

The ceremony, which took place in Miami, where the headquarters of the multinational innovation company are located, brought together over 80 executives from worldwide companies recognized for their sustainable contributions. Among them were Sobha Realty, the developer of the District One project in Dubai; Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer; UDC Qatar, the leading public joint stock company in Qatar; BNP Paribas Real Estate, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas specializing in commercial property consulting, among others.

Iván Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales at Crystal Lagoons US Corp., welcomed the attendees, highlighting the sustainable and innovative identity of Crystal Lagoons and how its technology helps reduce environmental impact, which, in the case of Public Access Lagoons™ projects, allows to reduce 40% of the carbon footprint in the tourism and transportation field.

“The Crystal Lagoons® technology allows for creating an idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world through large eco-friendly crystalline lagoons that have revolutionized the real estate industry and are now living a new era of expansion through Public Access Lagoons™ developments. This innovation has very low water and energy usage, minimal additives, and low construction and maintenance costs,” explained the executive.

Following the award ceremony, the delegation visited the luxurious Sole Mia project to witness firsthand the lagoon developed by Crystal Lagoons, which surprised all attendees with its 7 acres of turquoise water.

In the 2022 edition of the “Green World Awards,” the multinational water innovation company received the Carbon Reduction award and the “Champion of Champions,” the highest recognition in these sustainable British awards. On that occasion, it surpassed winners in categories such as Climate Change, Water and Energy Efficiency, Emission Reduction, and Innovation, among others, and over 500 submissions were received by the organization.

The reason behind the recognition was that PAL™ projects, which bring beach life with turquoise waters and white sands to any city, would reduce transportation to coastal destinations and natural beaches by approximately 50%. This amounts to around 35 million tons of CO2 emissions annually, primarily from car and air travel.

“The positive results of Crystal Lagoons are not only due to being a company with a unique technology in the world but also because its corporate strategy aligns with the sustainability of its developments. This commitment should guide any firm aiming to be sustainable in the long term,” concluded Manzur.

The PAL™ developments have attracted the interest of significant players worldwide, with more than 800 projects in different stages of development. Notable contracts include 5 PAL™ developments in Orlando, 8 in North Carolina and Atlanta, and 4 in South Carolina in the United States; 100 projects in India; 30 in Korea; 15 in Pakistan; as well as projects in Europe, Palestine, Colombia (10), Costa Rica, Guatemala (18), among others.

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