Epperson’s Lagoon: unprecedented commercial phenomenon


The debut in Florida of this first 3-hectare crystalline lagoon Crystal Lagoons confirms a real estate revolution in the U.S. which in less than three years from of landing in the country, generated a great demand.


The Epperson project, located in Tampa, and developed by Crystal Lagoons in alliance with its strategic partner Metro Development Group, has been a phenomenon of unprecedented success in sales and has positioned itself as the one with the highest added value in Tampa.


As in all five continents where the company is already present, Crystal Lagoons real estate innovation is making history in the U.S. by setting new standards for urban landscape, by bringing the Caribbean lifestyle to every corner of the nation.

The Tampa Bay Times highlights that the lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology is the key to Epperson’s success. This is confirmed by the vice president of marketing and communications of Metro Development Group, Vaike O’Grady. “We were the first to bring a crystal clear lagoon and that has increased the attention that our communities generate, and at the same time it has greatly increased our sales. It is a unique amenity and has become a key place where people connect. It’s not just about swimming, but also being able to enjoy concerts, yoga and trivia nights. All this happens in the surroundings of the lagoon”.


This amenity, surrounded by white sandy beaches, is the key element at Epperson and it  let allow people to swim and to practice water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding and windsurfing, all in a safe, controlled and fun environment. The project has several other attractive features such as water slides, obstacle circuits, swimming pools with waves, green spacesparks for yoga, squares, restaurants, venues for events, among others.



Tampa Bay Times

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