PAL™ Lago Mar project a resounding success in Texas


Interview with Iván Manzur, Senior VP of Sales de Crystal Lagoons US Corp. 

The United States is the primary market for Crystal Lagoons, with 222 projects in different stages of development and negotiation, and Texas is the “star” state with 70 projects in various stages. One project stands out in particular: Lago Mar.

This project developed under the Public Access Lagoons™ model has revolutionized Texas due to the undisputed great attraction: its lagoon, the longest by Crystal Lagoons in the U.S., spanning 12 acres, has become the epicenter of family relaxation, fun, and nautical life.

What makes this project so special?

Its monumental crystalline lagoon of turquoise waters. It is equivalent to 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools, measures more than half a mile from end to end, and offers more than a mile of white beaches, making it the largest in Texas and the longest in the country. 

In fact, it is nearly six times larger than the first Crystal Lagoons® amenity in this state, Balmoral. Land Tejas developed both projects.

Its success has turned Lagoonfest Texas into a leading summer destination with the largest number of floating cabins in North America, 22. Last year alone, the lagoon received more than 80,000 visitors from all states. 

What does the lagoon have to offer?

The tropical-style lagoon is surrounded by white sandy beaches and a beach club and offers multiple swimming and relaxation activities for all members of the family. People can practice water sports without needing to travel farther than their backyard, such as kayaking, paddleboards, swimming, inflatable obstacle courses, water slides, and enjoy bars and restaurants, among many other attractions. It has been featured many times in the press as one of the best attractions in the surrounding Houston area.

How was the pandemic affected?

Lago Mar has been a tremendous success, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to health protection measures and even with restricted access and reduced capacity, tickets sold out weeks in advance.

What is the allure of the PAL™ model?

Public Access Lagoons™ projects are not only the business of the future but also the sustainable recreational activity of the future, bringing beach life, water sports, and entertainment steps away from home. They offer a new, valuable public space, improving millions of people’s quality of life by providing social inclusion, recreation and relaxation, especially in cities far from the coast, congested or unfriendly public spaces.

PAL™ projects are the perfect paradisiacal venue for fairs, food halls, weddings, concerts, day clubs, wedding peninsulas, domes, gastronomy, retail, beach clubs, amphitheaters, and more.

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