Crystal Lagoons kicks off 2022 with Mega Contracts and New Markets

The year 2022 began with news for Crystal Lagoons, which continues to grow in the world. Among them, are new mega-contracts and the opening of new markets.

The revolution of the Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, has meant that the multinational water innovation company expands in several countries.

In Europe, for example, it will enter into Eastern European market, bringing the PAL™ concept to the main capitals of that region, cities of great cultural and historical richness as well as being iconic tourist destinations. These are Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), Bucharest (Romania) and Warsaw (Poland).

Another new market to which Crystal Lagoons will bring beach life is Central America, more specifically Costa Rica, a country known for its more than 600 beaches and 1,228 kilometers of coastline. In this iconic tourist destination, the multinational is proceeding with its first PAL™ development, which is part of a mega-contract for 11 such complexes signed with successful Central American businessmen and wealthy families. This agreement opens up the possibility of developing other projects in countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Belize.

The company is also growing its presence in the United States, its largest market worldwide. In Orlando, Crystal Lagoons is negotiating a second contract for two public access complexes with ADËLON Capital, a firm with which it has already entered an agreement for at least five additional artificial lagoons in that city. These projects are in addition to Evermore Orlando Resort, a development that is advancing at a steady pace in the footsteps of Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort.

In the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, Crystal Lagoons is expanding with five new complexes in Egypt, its most important market, where the emblematic Citystars Sharm El Sheikh is located in the heart of the Sinai desert, with a 12.5-hectare crystalline lagoon. New developments this year are focused on the Red Sea (Abu Soma) and Cairo, in partnership with the same developers of the Sharm El Sheikh (Sharbatly) and Fouka Bay and Mount Galala (Tatweer Misr) projects on the North Coast.

Meanwhile, in Dubai, the company is negotiating a master agreement for five PAL™ developments in partnership with a prestigious German-African real estate fund. Meanwhile, the luxury residential development Tilal Al Ghaf is also making headllines by expanding its 7-hectare lagoon to 13 hectares, triggered by its extraordinary success in sales, placing it among the top 5 best-selling greenfield projects in Dubai. In Saudi Arabia, the multinational is in talks for three new contracts, of which two are master agreements for PAL™ lagoons and a real estate project in Jeddah.

Crystal Lagoons also has plans in the Oceania and Asia markets, which include five projects in Australia, a master agreement in South Korea (31 PAL™ projects), developments in Japan (in Okinawa and Osaka), 15 PAL™ projects in Pakistan and two new developments in Palestine.

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Crystal Lagoons started 2024 on a high note. The multinational announced a new contract that enhances its presence in this country, the primary market for the firm in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The new real estate project is Azha North Lagoon, a second home complex located on the North Coast, in partnership with Madaar Development, a firm with which Crystal Lagoons has already developed the successful project Azha Ain Sokhna on the Red Sea. The new project will be in Ras Al Hikma, an area of great tourist and holiday success. It is on the front line with a 27-acre lagoon.

In Egypt, Crystal Lagoons has projects in different stages of development and operation, mainly located on the North Coast and along the Red Sea. Also in this country, the multinational has advanced negotiations to enter Cairo with its Public Access Lagoons™ complexes, also known as PAL™, which will revolutionize the lifestyle in Egypt’s cities, bringing beach life to the doorstep of homes and accessible to anyone through the payment of a ticket.

These crystalline lagoons are an attractive real estate amenity in Egypt. Among the multinational’s business partners in Egypt are recognized managers such as Tatweer Misr, Hassan Allam Properties, Golden Pyramids Plaza, and Madaar Development, among others. Likewise, Egypt is the second largest crystalline lagoon in the world at the Citystars Sharm El Sheikh project, with 28 acres in the middle of the desert.

“In Egypt, Crystal Lagoons® technology is recognized as the only one capable of developing crystalline lagoons at low construction and maintenance costs,” explains Miguel Ángel Cabañas, regional director of Crystal Lagoons.

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With new developments in Buenos Aires (Openn Pilar), Rosario (Vida Lagoon y Distrito Cero), and Mar del Plata (Developer Aqua), Argentina has consolidated its position as Crystal Lagoons’ main market in South America after Chile.  In addition to these complexes, there are others in association with essential local real estate managers such as Castex, Morvial, Arkken Group, Rossetti Desarrollos Urbanos, Grupo Monarca, Grupo Developer, DLM, Galp Inversiones and Vizora in Gran Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Pinamar. The projects Terralagos, Lagoon Pilar, Acquavista, and Remeros Beach, among others, stand out.

All Crystal Lagoons developments in Argentina have become sales successes. Remeros Beach sold over half of its sites within the first two months, while Terralagos sold more than 1,000 lots, exhausted apartments in record time, and has a waiting list for the next building to be launched, both projects in Buenos Aires. In Mar del Plata, Developer Aqua sold one-third of the project on the first day of commercial launch, tripling the price per square meter.

“In Argentina, beyond the different economic situations, the success of Crystal Lagoons does not stop. Projects incorporating lagoons generate exponential added value in the real estate sector. The projection is even more positive because an increase in foreign investment is expected in the coming months, which will further boost the real estate market”, explains Francisco Matte, Crystal Lagoons’ regional director for Latin America.

One of the keys to the multinational’s success in Argentina is the beachside lifestyle of its residents who, thanks to the crystalline lagoons, can enjoy turquoise waters just steps from their homes without the need to take a plane, even in inland areas such as Córdoba and Rosario and in a renowned resort town like Mar del Plata.

Crystal Lagoons also has advanced negotiations in Argentina to develop Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™ projects. These complexes, accessible to anyone by paying a ticket, feature large crystalline lagoons and white sand beaches surrounded by attractive amenities such as restaurants, beach clubs, retail outlets, theaters, and cultural activities.

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Crystalline lagoons, powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, have redefined the global real estate market paradigm. Once again, a leading economic media outlet, Forbes, acknowledges the impact of this amenity, highlighting it as a key driver of sales across the board. Particularly notable is the case of Colombia, where crystalline lagoons have been a fundamental factor in the commercial success of real estate projects. An eloquent example of this phenomenon is the commercial success of the construction company Arquitectura y Concreto. Crystal Lagoons has been a determining factor in the 70% increase in its sales, even in a challenging real estate context facing a 45% decline.

“It sounds unbelievable, but that’s how it happened,” said Francisco Martínez, president of Arquitectura y Concreto, in an interview with Forbes Colombia, attributing the meteoric increase in sales to the innovation of Crystal Lagoons. The executive highlights the success of Crystal Lagoons projects with AED, including Baia Kristal in Cartagena de Indias, the best-selling project in Colombia, reflecting the multinational phenomenon in that market. In fact, with its 3.2 hectares of crystal-clear waters and white sands, it was initially projected to be sold within three years, but it ended up being commercialized in less than 12 months, positioning itself as the #1 project in sales in the country since its launch.

This success led AED to finalize a master agreement with Crystal Lagoons to develop 13 projects with crystalline lagoons in the Colombian Caribbean and the Coffee Region, including cities such as Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Pereira, and Cartagena de Indias.

Azul de Arenas is part of this agreement and marks Crystal Lagoons’ entry into Latin American retail as part of the Colombian Caribbean’s largest shopping and entertainment center. The project’s centerpiece in Cartagena de Indias will be a 3-hectare crystalline lagoon suitable for swimming and water sports.