Crystal Lagoons Debuts First Joint Venture Project, Opening Soon in Texas

Angel Lagoon is the new Crystal Lagoons PAL® project in Texas, gearing up to open its doors. It is the multinational water innovation company’s first complex under the joint venture model. It is part of the master agreement signed with Lagoon Development Company to develop Public Access Lagoons™ projects in Texas, with openings projected between […]

New Crystal Lagoons project opens in Argentina

In the heart of Distrito Cero, just 20 minutes from downtown Rosario, a landmark in Argentine real estate development emerges: RIA. This new Crystal Lagoons project, designed with a sustainable approach and under the concept of a 15-minute city, marks a new chapter in the growth of the multinational water innovation company in Argentina, its […]

Crystal Lagoons Expands in Texas with a New Public Access Lagoons® Project in Austin

Ascensions on Lake Travis marks the latest Public Access Lagoons® venture signed by Crystal Lagoons in Texas, adding to the multinational innovation company’s array of complexes across the state.  The project’s standout feature is a sprawling 2.1-acre crystalline lagoon suitable for swimming and water sports. The lagoon will be the centerpiece of a high-end hotel development, solidifying the foothold of […]

Crystal Lagoons® project in Orlando, sparks extensive press coverage 

The inauguration of Crystal Lagoons project in the United States, Evermore Orlando Resort, featuring its impressive 8-acre crystalline lagoon and extensive beaches, steps from Disney World and Universal, has captured the attention of the global press. Nearly 500 media outlets from various countries, including Yahoo!, Associated Press, NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, Washington Daily News, Finanzen y Benzinga, have covered the news, emphasizing the significance of this tourism milestone. Since then, […]

Crystal Lagoons to exhibit at leading world congress on Urban Sustainability

The sustainability of Crystal Lagoons® technology and the urban contribution of the Public Access Lagoons® projects were the reasons why the multinational innovation company was selected to exhibit at the Future Green City world congress, to be held in September in the Netherlands. Rocío Valdés, Director of Architecture at Crystal Lagoons, will represent the company […]

Crystal Lagoons® technology drives sustainability of First PAL® project in Thailand

Blue Tree in Thailand stands out as Asia’s first Public Access Lagoons® project, also known as PAL® developments, and the epicenter of entertainment in the region. Strategically located in the heart of Phuket, it is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability, where the 4.2-acre crystalline lagoon surrounded by white sandy beaches, a private peninsula, restaurants, […]

Crystal Lagoons consolidates success of Mar Adentro project in Bolivia

Crystal Lagoons® technology has been instrumental in the growth and consolidation of the Mar Adentro project in Bolivia. This residential complex, strategically located in the Urubó area of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, has been praised for its contribution to urban development and positive impact on the local economy. Spanning 172 acres, Mar Adentro stands […]

10 Ways Crystal Lagoons® can revolutionize your Horse Racetrack

Crystal Lagoons has been at the forefront of redefining leisure experiences and real estate development in recent years. Our state-of-the-art technology, which introduces turquoise lagoons to unexpected locations, has the potential to breathe new life into horse racetracks, transforming them into dynamic, multifaceted destinations. Here’s how Crystal Lagoons® technology can revitalize horse racetracks: 1. A […]

New Crystal Lagoons project in Paraguay Achieves Sales Success

Crystal Lagoons continues to expand in Paraguay with the new Marena project, strategically located in Luque, near the capital, Asunción. This development represents a milestone as the first multinational complex featuring apartment buildings in an urban area, offering a unique investment opportunity in the Paraguayan real estate market. Marena stands out for its monumental crystalline […]

Crystal Lagoons boosts the success of Lagoon Pilar

Lagoon Pilar, strategically located in Buenos Aires, the fastest growing area of the Pilar area, is one of Crystal Lagoons’ most successful projects in Argentina. Powered by Crystal Lagoons and Grupo Monarca, this development stands out for being anchored by an 8,6-acre crystalline lagoon, the heart of the project. More than just a distinctive visual […]

World’s Largest Crystalline Lagoon Captures International Attention

The press continues highlighting the world’s largest crystalline lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® technology at Citystars Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This stunning amenity in the middle of the Sinai desert, spanning 28.8 acres of turquoise waters, has been the subject of numerous reports highlighting its unique features. Since 2015, this mega-project has held Crystal Lagoons’ second […]

Time Out: Crystal Lagoons Project in Indonesia is a Must-Visit

Once again, the prestigious international entertainment, travel, and tourism guide Time Out has turned its attention to the Crystal Lagoons Treasure Bay project on the idyllic island of Bintan, Indonesia. Its recent edition of recommendations on what to see, do, and experience highlighted this project as essential to include in travelers’ itineraries and a must-visit […]

Iconic Crystal Lagoons Luxury Project in Cancun prepares for opening in June  

Crystal Lagoons® technology is revolutionizing the hotel industry and changing the paradigm of vacation developments. Major international hotel chains such as Marriott, Radisson, Conrad, Hyatt Regency, and AVA recognize the transformative value of crystalline lagoons. They have incorporated this amenity as a critical element in their projects, making them more attractive destinations. In association with […]