Crystal Lagoons Projects Among the Top-selling Real Estate Rankings in the US

The innovative concept and technology developed by Crystal Lagoons has revolutionized real estate in the United States, transforming landscapes and lifestyles across multiple states. Known for its stunning crystalline artificial lagoons, the multinational company is experiencing remarkable growth, particularly in Florida, Texas, Alabama, California, and South Carolina. Operational Projects and New Openings Currently, there are ten […]

Crystal Lagoons Projects Among the Top-selling Real Estate Rankings in the US

Around the world, the concept and technology of Crystal Lagoons® have become the leading sales attraction, positively impacting its commercial success. Despite the credit and real estate challenges in the current economic conditions, Crystal Lagoons projects continue to defy the market with very impressive sales figures, particularly in the United States. The rankings from real estate consulting firms RCLCO and John Burns on […]

Crystal Lagoons: Setting the Standard for Real Estate Success in the US

The innovative concept and technology developed by Crystal Lagoons has revolutionized real estate in the United States, transforming landscapes and lifestyles across multiple states. Known for its stunning crystalline artificial lagoons, the multinational company is experiencing remarkable growth, particularly in Florida, Texas, Alabama, California, and South Carolina. Operational Projects and New Openings Currently, there are ten […]

Crystal Lagoons: A Trend Taking Over the Hospitality Industry

Several international media highlighted that the hotel sector is undergoing a real transformation thanks to the incorporation of innovative technologies. One of the technologies highlighted was precisely Crystal Lagoons, in parallel with process automation and artificial intelligence. The sustainability of the multinational innovation company was key to being considered within these trends. “Currently, many travelers […]

New Beach Club at Crystal Lagoons’ First PAL® Development in Asia

The Crystal Lagoons project in Thailand, Blue Tree, located in the heart of Phuket, just 4 kilometers from the coast, has recently inaugurated the Beach Club MuMu Clubhouse, a new landmark in this iconic tourist destination, adding even more fun and entertainment. This new space becomes a meeting point in the surroundings of Phuket’s largest […]

The Aesthetic Value of Crystalline Lagoons Draws Global Events

The monumental crystalline lagoons with Crystal Lagoons® technology have established themselves as the most attractive and esteemed amenity worldwide. Not only are they year-round entertainment centers, but they also stand out for their aesthetic value and contribution to landscape architecture. Their design harmoniously integrates with the natural environment, becoming a distinctive element that enhances the […]

Crystal Lagoons Expands with New Project in Egypt

Crystal Lagoons started 2024 on a high note. The multinational announced a new contract that enhances its presence in this country, the primary market for the firm in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The new real estate project is Azha North Lagoon, a second home complex located on the North Coast, in […]

Crystal Lagoons Expands Strongly in Argentina

With new developments in Buenos Aires (Openn Pilar), Rosario (Vida Lagoon y Distrito Cero), and Mar del Plata (Developer Aqua), Argentina has consolidated its position as Crystal Lagoons’ main market in South America after Chile.  In addition to these complexes, there are others in association with essential local real estate managers such as Castex, Morvial, […]

Forbes Colombia: Crystal Lagoons, Key Driver of Real Estate Sales

Crystalline lagoons, powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, have redefined the global real estate market paradigm. Once again, a leading economic media outlet, Forbes, acknowledges the impact of this amenity, highlighting it as a key driver of sales across the board. Particularly notable is the case of Colombia, where crystalline lagoons have been a fundamental factor […]

Extensive Press Coverage Sparks the Inauguration of the Crystal Lagoons Project in Orlando

The recent inauguration of Crystal Lagoons project in the United States, Evermore Orlando Resort, featuring its impressive 8-acre crystalline lagoon and extensive beaches, steps from Disney World and Universal, has captured the attention of the global press. Nearly 500 media outlets from various countries, including Yahoo!, Associated Press, NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, Washington Daily News, […]

The First Crystalline Lagoon in Central America Advances

Costa Rica is a globally recognized sustainable tourist destination with 1,300 kilometers of coastline and over 600 beaches. In this iconic location it is moving forward the first crystalline lagoon in Central America with Crystal Lagoons® technology. With 6 acres of turquoise waters suitable for swimming and water sports, surrounded by white sandy beaches, this […]

Texas’s Largest Crystal Lagoon Receives World-Class Circus Show

In the heart of Texas, the Lago Mar project, developed under the Public Access Lagoons® model, also known as PAL® complexes, has made an unprecedented impact since its inception. The monumental 12-acre crystalline lagoon, the largest in Texas, powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, has transformed the lifestyle in this state. With record sales and a […]

Building Design + Construction highlights Crystal Lagoons’ global expansion

“Crystal Lagoons is a global phenomenon with sustainable technology that has become the best amenity and a worldwide trend.” This is how the prestigious magazine Building Design + Construction describes the exponential growth of the multinational company, impacting all five continents. Initially by changing the paradigm of the real estate market and subsequently, through the […]

Press Highlights Largest Crystalline lagoon in Southeast Asia as Bintan’s Tourist Magnet

Bintan Island, located in Indonesia, stands out as one of Asia’s premier tourist destinations. Within this idyllic setting lies the largest crystalline lagoon in Southeast Asia, developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology. This monumental turquoise body of water spans 6.3 hectares and is part of the Treasure Bay Bintan project, once again highlighted by the global […]

Iconic Crystal Lagoons project in Mexico to open in June 2024

Crystalline lagoons add value to iconic Mexican cities and are present in the most important tourist destinations, such as Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, Toluca, Veracruz, Monterrey, Punta Mita, and Cancun. Precisely in this last city, the largest in the Yucatan Peninsula, cultural, financial, and tourist center in the region, Crystal Lagoons will mark a new […]

Crystal Lagoons Consolidates Presence in Brazil with 45 Projects

In the main Latin American market, the multinational innovation company reinvents shopping centers by incorporating PAL projects in 11 malls and entering Sao Paulo, the fourth-largest city in the world. Crystal Lagoons signed two mega-agreements to develop 23 new real estate and Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™, in different states of Brazil, […]

The Wall Street Journal highlights the impact of Crystal Lagoons® technology

The Wall Street Journal highlights the impact of Crystal Lagoons The Wall Street Journal highlights the impact of Crystal Lagoons In planned communities across the country, developers are ditching backyard pools for giant, artificial lagoons From almost every room of their home in St. Johns, Fla., Neal and Barb Shact see an expanse of turquoise […]

Crystal Lagoons and Ka’ana Wave Co to bring surfing to projects worldwide

Crystal Lagoons and Ka’ana Wave Co have signed a Preferred Vendor Agreement to certify Ka’ana’s CM7-Series surf machines for installation in Crystal Lagoons® amenities. With millions of people passionate about surfing and millions more keen to learn, the partnership provides Crystal Lagoons developers an amenity to attract those who want to surf. Since 2009, the […]

Crystal Lagoons hosts “Champion of Champions” Awards

Crystal Lagoons es anfitrión de premios “Champion of Champions”

As the “Champion of Champions” winner in the latest edition of the “Green World Awards,” Crystal Lagoons was granted the privilege of hosting the award ceremony for the 2023 edition of these awards that recognize the best sustainable practices worldwide. The ceremony, which took place in Miami, where the headquarters of the multinational innovation company are located, brought together over […]

Crystal Lagoons brings beach life to Europe’s cities

Present in Spain and Turkey, Crystal Lagoons -the multinational innovation company founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann– is starting a new wave of European projects in Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary, in partnership with Romanian real estate developer Forty Management. The Mediterranean capitals of these countries will add an unimaginable attribute: beach life, which will revolutionize the experience and quality of life […]

Crystal Lagoons consolidates its presence in Costa Rica with six new projects

Costa Rica is known as “the Switzerland of Central America” thanks to its political and economic stability, environmental commitment, and its more than 600 beaches and 750 miles of coastline. In this paradise destination, Crystal Lagoons, a multinational innovation company founded by Fernando Fischmann, finalized a new mega-agreement for six real estate projects that, along with three previous Public Access Lagoons™ complexes, consolidates the presence of […]

PAL® projects of Crystal Lagoons expand into Israel

Technology and improving the quality of life through innovation are the concepts that Crystal Lagoons and Israel share. In this country, one of the most innovative in the world, the multinational company founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann has entered with a new agreement to develop Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™ projects, real estate, and mixed-use complexes. The WOOOW! Entertainment projects, developed with the international […]

Crystalline Lagoon opens in the Costa del Lago project

Crystal Lagoons is making steady progress in Paraguay, a strategic market in Latin America where it has consolidated its success with projects in regions with great development potential and where the crystalline lagoons are the preferred amenity. Recently inaugurated crystalline lagoon in the Costa del Lago project, bringing beach life to Hernandarias, located a few minutes from Ciudad del […]

Crystal Lagoons Expands Middle East Success

Crystal Lagoons® technology makes possible the construction of crystalline lagoons of unlimited size anywhere in the world.

Crystal Lagoons enters the largest country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, with a new mega deal to develop real estate, hospitality, and Public Access Lagoons™, also called PAL™, projects. The development plan consists of several luxury complexes located in coastal and inland cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah, Dammam, Medina, and Khobar. The multinational innovation company, founded […]

The hallmark of the new generation of Crystal Lagoons

Crystal Lagoons – the multinational innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann– is a case of successful globalization in the field of innovation. Its disruptive technology -that makes possible the construction of massive crystalline lagoons of limitless size anywhere in the world- has been a revolution that adds value to urban, real estate, and tourism […]

Crystal Lagoons inaugurates South Africa’s largest crystalline lagoon

Unprecedented commercial success, multiple awards, and accolades from the President of the Republic are just some of the recognitions that Crystal Lagoons has received in South Africa since the opening of its first project, The Blyde. With an explosive expansion, the multinational innovation company currently has a total of 24 projects in different stages of […]

Press highlights PAL™ Treasure Bay project as a major tourist attraction in Indonesia

Southeast Asia’s largest crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology is located in Indonesia, in the exotic entertainment destination located in Indonesia’s Riau archipelago, Treasure Bay Bintan. This large body of turquoise waters of 15,5- acres is a magnet for the world press, which has written multiple articles dedicated to this Public Access Lagoons™ project, […]

The non-stop expansion of Crystal Lagoons

The scientist Fernando Fischmann -founder of the multinational Crystal Lagoons– is a reference in terms of innovation worldwide and his success story is inspiring. This was highlighted by the magazine of the Chilean American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham). Creator of a sustainable and pioneering technology that has crossed all borders, which allows the low-cost construction […]

Crystalline lagoons: the eco-friendly meeting point

Crystal Lagoons has contributed to the challenge of facing the water crisis, with a sustainable technology that favors the efficient use and management of water resources., allowing to bring idyllic beach life to any place in the world in an environmentally friendly way. Crystalline lagoons stand out for their low water consumption. Thus, regardless of […]

Major international investors interested in the PAL™ model

The Public Access Lagoons™ business model, also known as PAL™ developments, created by the multinational innovation company Crystal Lagoons has become a new long-term investment alternative, with a return on investment above 50%. This has been identified by institutional investors, investment funds, family offices, insurance companies, and large real estate developers facing the complex challenge of finding long-term investment alternatives with attractive returns. For this reason, large investors […]

Crystalline lagoon projects lead sales in the U.S.

The prestigious U.S. real estate consulting firms, RCLCO and John Burns published their traditional sales ranking, highlighting various Crystal Lagoons developments that stand out among the 50 best-selling projects nationwide during 2022. The results were published by the Tampa News and among the featured developments are Epperson, Mirada, and Southshore Bay, all projects powered by […]

A villa in Tilal Al Ghaf Project Records Record Sales of US$ 25 million

An ultra-luxury home, located on the edge of a lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology at Tilal Al Ghaf project was sold for almost US$ 25 million, setting a new record price for one of its residential units.  It is a mansion with eight bedrooms, almost 3,000 square meters and located on “Lanai Island” with […]

Iconic project of Crystal Lagoons is highlighted in the press

The first project to have a lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology continues to attract worldwide attention from visitors and the press. It is San Alfonso del Mar, which “with its crystalline waters and stunning surroundings, it’s no wonder that it’s been a popular tourist destination since its opening”, explains the Unusual Places portal. In […]

Palestine is the new market for Public Access Lagoons™ projects

Crystal Lagoons has just signed a mega commercial agreement to develop Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, in Palestine. The first of a series of complexes will be built in Jericho, the world’s oldest city, where the company will bring an unparalleled offering of entertainment, water leisure activities and beach life to […]

Windsong Ranch is highlighted by ESPN

Windsong Ranch, one of the projects that Crystal Lagoons developed in Texas, was highlighted by ESPN, a media outlet that dedicated a report to the 5-acre crystalline lagoon.  Since its opening, Windsong Ranch has consistently recorded record sales and has won numerous national awards, especially for its lagoon, which is the centerpiece of the project. […]

Crystal Lagoons expands Middle East success with Saudi Arabia PAL™ projects

Crystal Lagoons enters the largest country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, with a new mega deal to develop Public Access Lagoons™, also called PAL™ projects, real estate and hospitality projects. There will be 10 high-luxury public access complexes, which will be located in coastal and inland cities such as the capital Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, […]

2022 was a record year for the expansion of Public Access Lagoons™ projects

Crystal Lagoons has been growing exponentially and 2022 was a record year for the expansion of its Public Access Lagoons™ model, also known as PAL™ projects. The company expanded into over 15 new markets and ended the year with over 810 projects of this type at different stages of development. The multinational innovation company recently […]

Crystalline Lagoon boost sales in Epperson project

The crystalline lagoon of the Epperson project, in Tampa, has become the main attraction of this development and has activated sales in a vertiginous way. The project, developed by Crystal Lagoons in alliance with Metro Development Group, has been highlighted on several occasions by the North American press as a commercial phenomenon. The debut of […]

European press attracted by the arrival of PAL™ projects in Israel

The announcement of Crystal Lagoons’ entry into Israel, one of the most innovative countries in the world, has aroused great interest worldwide. In Europe, more than 200 media, such as Europa Press, have published about the new agreement signed by the multinational with the international real estate holding company Ecipsa to develop Public Access Lagoons™ […]

Architectural Digest highlights Crystal Lagoons as a trend for 2023

Crystal Lagoons have been widely highlighted by the world’s press for their sustainable features and the value they add to projects. This time it was the world’s leading architectural magazine, Architectural Digest (AD), that highlighted the amenity of Crystal Lagoons as one of the trends of 2023. Sustainable technology changes the landscape, generating an environment […]

Crystal Lagoons® Technology is Certified for its Low Water Consumption

According to the United Nations (UN), almost half of the countries in the world will experience water shortages by 2050. This heightens global concerns about the problem and will force us to prioritize sustainable water consumption. In line with this urgency and the need to come up with innovative solutions that maximize efficiency of water […]

The United States is leading the worldwide expansion of Crystal Lagoons

Interview with Nicolas Galotti, Regional Director of Crystal Lagoons US Corp.  Crystal Lagoons® technology is present all over the world and has revolutionized urban lifestyles with over its 1,000 projects in 60 countries. The United States is the company’s most important market and home to its main headquarters. Currently there are over 260 Real Estate […]

Record year for the expansion of PAL™ projects

Crystalline lagoons have a unique value, because enhance urban and tourist areas of different countries and cultures and create an environmentally friendly meeting place. This explains the undisputed success of Crystal Lagoons which continues to expand worldwide and set a record year with projects developed under the successful Public Access Lagoons™ model. During 2022 the […]

Public Access Lagoons™ projects of Crystal Lagoons expand into Israel

Crystal Lagoons and Israel share two things in common, a love of technology and a desire to improve the quality of life through innovation. It is precisely in this country, one of the most innovative in the world, that the multinational entered a new agreement to develop Public Access Lagoons™ projects, in partnership with international […]

The arrival of Crystal Lagoons in India highlighted by 800 media outlets

Crystal Lagoons’ entry into the world’s second most populous country, India, has caused great international expectations. A few days after the announcement, more than 800 media outlets around the world have dedicated articles to highlight the important agreement signed by the multinational innovation company with the conglomerate Champions Group to develop 100 Public Access Lagoons™ […]

Alcazaba Lagoon capture the attention of the world press

“In Spain, investors have identified the competitive advantages of this concept and technology of unique value: it makes possible the creation of beach life and a tropical paradise anywhere in the world, transforming the local landscape and creating a magical environment of turquoise waters that can be enjoyed throughout the year”, explains Francisco Matte, Regional Director […]

The Success of Crystal Lagoons in the U.S.

The global expansion of Crystal Lagoons, with more than 1,000 projects at various stages of development in more than 60 countries, has come thanks to the successful management of a multidisciplinary and innovative self-motivated team. The United States is the world’s most competitive and dynamic real estate and entertainment market. For this reason, Crystal Lagoons […]

Crystal Lagoons brings PAL™ projects to Palestine

“Entry into the Palestinian market sets a precedent in Palestine and represents a sea change in the local entertainment scene. PAL™ projects dramatically improve people’s quality of life and in this state, it will be an even more iconic case. By bringing a tropical paradise with crystal clear waters, palm trees and white sands to […]

Crystal Lagoons brings beach life to Madrid with new PAL™ project

Although Madrid, the second most populous city in the European Union, is recognized as a major tourist hub for its diverse gastronomic and cultural heritage, the city has no beach life. That until now, because on the outskirts of that city, Crystal Lagoons will build Alovera Beach, its first Public Access Lagoons™ project on the […]

Crystal Lagoons, a gold standard amenity for Egyptian real estate projects

Egypt has become the most successful market for Crystal Lagoons in the MENA market with over 31 projects at different stages. With its crystalline lagoons, the multinational has created a trend in real estate, making them the most sought-after amenity in the country. These large bodies of water, which bring beach life to anywhere in […]

PAL™ Southshore Bay project is a hit with visitors

The Southshore Bay project in Wimauma, Florida, developed by Crystal Lagoons in association with Metro Development Group, is the second in the Tampa Bay region to have a lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology. Epperson, in Wesley Chapel, was the first to have this amenity in the United States, in late 2018. Such has been […]

Consultant highlights increase in crystalline lagoons in UAE´s developments

The prestigious international real estate consulting firm, Unique Properties, has observed a growing interest in Crystal Lagoons® technology in different markets, such as the United Arab Emirates.   “Crystal Lagoons amenity add value to both real estate developers and the end user”  Alastair Sinclair, Regional Director Crystal Lagoons   How do you explain the attractiveness […]

Crystal Lagoons will develop 100 PAL™ and real estate projects in India

“This agreement to develop 100 PAL™ and real estate projects is proof that our turquoise-water lagoons concept works, particularly the public access model. It also demonstrates why PAL™ projects make up 800 of our 1,015 Crystal Lagoons resorts worldwide, at different stages of development”. This is how Alastair Sinclair, regional director of Crystal Lagoons, explains […]

PAL™ projects recreate Caribbean-style ambiance in the city

The PAL™ developments bring the Caribbean life to the city with turquoise waters, white sands, and water sports activities and are open for visitors on payment of an entrance fee. Also feature hotels, multifamily areas, stores, restaurants, and venues for weddings conferences, concerts and other events. Are the perfect meeting point of the XXI century. […]

Crystal Lagoons fills a record number of lagoons in 2022

The disruptive technology developed and patented by Crystal Lagoons is now present practically all over the world, with more than 1,000 projects across five continents in different stages. Some 800 of these are Public Access Lagoons™ projects.   “These innovative lagoons add value to real estate developments, including urban, master-planned, multi-family, mixed-use, and hospitality projects. In […]

PAL™ Lago Mar project a resounding success in Texas

Interview with Iván Manzur, Senior VP of Sales de Crystal Lagoons US Corp.  The United States is the primary market for Crystal Lagoons, with 222 projects in different stages of development and negotiation, and Texas is the “star” state with 70 projects in various stages. One project stands out in particular: Lago Mar. This project […]

Crystalline Lagoon makes Sunterra number 1 in sales

Crystalline lagoons are driving sales of Crystal Lagoons projects worldwide at a meteoric pace. And Sunterra is no exception. Real Estate Consulting (RCLCO) highlighted the development as the No. 1 in sales in Houston and the 8th nationally in the United States in a study that evaluated the nation’s 50 best-selling projects in the first […]

Latin America shaping up as the Crystal Lagoons main market

Interview to Jean Pierre Juanchich, regional director of Crystal Lagoons for Latin America Crystal Lagoons totals 197 projects in different stages of development in Latin America. In fact, it is the continent where the innovation multinational totals the largest number of projects with a long list of successful developments and non-stop growth. According to Jean […]

Crystalline Lagoon in Al Nakheel ITC project advances its construction

Interview to Alastair Sinclair, Regional Director of Crystal Lagoons for the Middle East At Al Nakheel ITC, a project located in Wilayat of Barka, Oman, the works for a 12.6-acres lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology are already progressing on. The amenity will be the centerpiece of the complex. Alastair Sinclair, Regional Director of Crystal […]

La tecnología de Crystal Lagoons® está protegida en todo el mundo mediante varios derechos de propiedad intelectual, que incluyen más de 2.600 patentes y más de 600 marcas registradas en más de 190 países y territorios, así como información confidencial, secretos comerciales y cientos de obras con derechos de autor. La empresa actualmente cuenta con […]

Karibao Resort Town will opening crystalline lagoon

The project developed in Ecuador by Crystal Lagoons in association with Pronobis, Karibao Resort Town, located in Engabao, is about to inaugurate its great attraction: the 5-acre crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology. It is a macro real estate development, which also includes a second lagoon, of 2,5-acre, in the second phase of […]

Crystal Lagoons is recognized with a new sustainable award

Several prestigious worldwide media have highlighted the contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of Public Access Lagoons™, projects, the so-called PAL™ developments.  Is the case of Yahoo! Finance, a portal that stands out the most recent sustainable award given to Crystal Lagoons. It’s about the “Champion of Champions” in the 2022 version of the “Green […]

A piece of the Caribbean in SouthShore Bay

Residents of the SouthShore Bay project in Wimauma, Florida, USA, are experiencing a revolution in their lifestyle. The 2-hectare crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology  brought a piece of the Caribbean to their doorstep, preventing have to travel long distances to enjoy the beach This is highlighted by those who live in this community. […]

Crystal Lagoons already has 43 projects in Argentina

In cities such as Greater Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mar del Plata and Pinamar, Crystal Lagoons, in association with important local real estate companies, has developed projects such as Terralagos, Lagoon Pilar, La Mansa, Vida Lagoon, Developer Aqua, Acquavista and Remeros Beach. In Argentina, the multinational company already has a total of 43 projects in […]

Costa Rica promotes tourism due to the crystal clear lagoon of Nya

América Retail magazine highlighted the tourism boost that the Costa Rican city of Guanacaste has received thanks to the PAL™ development of Crystal Lagoons. Located in Guanacaste, 40 km. from the Pacific coast and next to the international airport, will take beach life to inland areas of this province of Costa Rica that value this […]

Lago Mar is an oasis of turquoise waters in Texas

The largest crystalline lagoon developed by Crystal Lagoons in the United States is Lago Mar. Is defined as a great oasis of turquoise waters and one of the main destinations for Spring Break. “One of the most attractive technological innovations on the planet is making a splash in this Texas city.” This is how the […]

Aqua Village: innovation and sustainable contribution

Aqua Village project is located in the tourist town of San Bernardino, 50 kilometers from Asunción. It is a luxurious second-home development aimed at the high-end segment that includes a 2.6-hectare crystal clear lagoon under the Public Access Lagoons™ model. Considers 5 buildings with a total of 120 apartments and 396 lots, in addition to […]

The opening of the biggest crystalline lagoon in Europe is approaching

Santa Rosalía Lake and Life Resort is the biggest development of Crystal Lagoons in Europe and is about to open. Located in the Costa Cálida sector, in Murcia, Spain, in an area that has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is defined as the center of the Caribbean Sea. Developed with the sustainable […]

A new crystalline lagoon opens in Mexico

Bluú Habitat Lagoons, located in Mazatlán, a Mexican resort on the Pacific coast in the state of Sinaloa, is the new project that Crystal Lagoons inaugurates in the Aztec country. The project, which is located in Tijuana, have as its central piece a 5 hectares man-made clear turquoise lagoon designed by Crystal Lagoons, the only […]

Epperson’s Lagoon: unprecedented commercial phenomenon

The debut in Florida of this first 3-hectare crystalline lagoon Crystal Lagoons confirms a real estate revolution in the U.S. which in less than three years from of landing in the country, generated a great demand.   The Epperson project, located in Tampa, and developed by Crystal Lagoons in alliance with its strategic partner Metro […]

First crystalline lagoon is compared to a piece of the ocean

The Canadian media outlet INDIE88 FM did an article in which it compared the monumental body of turquoise water of the iconic San Alfonso del Mar project with a piece of the ocean. Due to its extension of 8 hectares, it obtained the Guinness World Record for being the largest crystalline lagoon on the planet […]

First PAL™ project of Crystal Lagoons in Asia is in Thailand

More the 38 million tourists that Thailand receives annually.  The new lagoon with Crystal Lagoons technology provides a greater attraction, becoming a gigantic scene of turquoise waters, which operates under the concept of “entertainment beach”, which hosts events, concerts and theme parties. A perfect destination for those who want to enjoy a beach day packed […]

Crystalline lagoon of San Alfonso del Mar captures world attention

The first crystalline lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® technology, San Alfonso del Mar, continues to attract the attention of the world press. The Canadian outlet INDIE 88 FM highlighted this monumental body of water as the largest on the planet, comparing it to a piece of the ocean. The website shows the immense turquoise lagoon, highlighting […]

PAL™ developments awarded by “Green World Awards”

Crystal Lagoons, multinational water innovation company was awarded the “Champion of Champions” award in the 2022 version of the “Green World Awards” in Abu Dhabi, in the Carbon Reduction category and the highest distinction in these British sustainable awards, beating the winners of the categories of Climate Change, Water and Energy Efficiency, Emissions Reduction, Innovation […]

In the desert is the largest crystal clear lagoon on the planet

The first Guinness record for Crystal Lagoons was obtained in 2007 with the iconic lagoon of San Alfonso del Mar, which was certified as the largest on the planet. Years later, in 2015, the multinational broke its own record with the crystalline lagoon of more than 12 hectares of Citystars Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt, […]

Piura will live the Caribbean experience

Tahiti Blue, in Peru, is a self-sustaining condominium and its beach will be located in the center of the development, strategically designed for easy access by the owners. It is located 15 minutes from the city of Piura and will have 156 hectares, which include spaces for shopping centers, restaurants, schools and clinics. This project […]

Crystal Lagoons expands in the United States

Crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes, which transform any destination in the world into an idyllic beach, have revolutionized numerous markets on five continents. Sustainable technology captures the interest of leading multinationals from different sectors and large investors, particularly in the United States, where the Crystal Lagoons operation is being promoted with extraordinary dynamism. In the […]

Lagoon of the Riviera project advances faster than anticipated

Riviera, the project that Crystal Lagoons is developing in Dubai in association with Azizi Developments, one of the leading real estate developers in the United Arab Emirates, will become an unmissable destination in Dubai, both residential and commercial. The reason? The lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® technology of more than 13 hectares of turquoise waters, which […]

First PAL™ in Costa Rica arouses the interest of the press

A milestone for Costa Rica represents the crystalline lagoon that Crystal Lagoons will develop under the revolutionary Public Access Lagoons™,model, also known as PAL™ developments. The lagoon is part of the large real estate project Nya, located in Guanacaste, 40 km from the Pacific Coast and next to the international airport. These projects will make […]

Crystal Lagoons revolutionizes urban life in Pakistan

The inhabitants of Karachi, in Pakistan, are happy with the progress shown by the Ary Laguna DHA City project that will incorporate a crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons sustainable technology. It is a truly unique and large-scale real estate development that will be anchored by a 9-hectare oasis of tropical beaches with turquoise waters […]

Evermore Orlando Resort is an unmissable destination

Steps away from Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort, in the heart of Orlando, the most visited destination in the United States with 75 million tourists a year. In this place of unbeatable attributes is located the first crystal clear lagoon in Orlando, developed by Crystal Lagoons. The concept and technology will transform Evermore Orlando […]

Lago Mar project is highlighted as a vacation setting

Mommy Poppins dedicated an article to the largest crystalline lagoon developed by Crystal Lagoons in the United States, located in the Lago Mar project, a city in Texas. The media highlighted this oasis of turquoise waters as one of the main vacation destinations for Spring Break. During March, anyone can access the lagoon after paying […]

PAL™ become the business model of the future

Located in urban environments, PAL™ developments have become a business with endless opportunities, generating growing interest among investors, because they can be developed with different investment formats, with models of greater or lesser infrastructure. Even those with minimal initial infrastructure have shown resounding success, and can even continue to develop with their own profits, producing […]

Hot Reef™ technology: Crystal clear lagoons all year round

Having revolutionized the real estate industry for 10 years, Crystal Lagoons is moving forward with its business model Public Access Lagoons™, which has seen resounding success worldwide. This unique technology, which provides an incomparable environment for activities throughout the year, such as events, launches, fairs, food halls, weddings, concerts, among other activities, both indoors and […]

More than 2.630 patents in 190 countries

Present on five continents, Crystal Lagoons has been awarded worldwide for the sustainable and transformative value of its technology cities, which seeks to integrate quality of life and care for the environment. Today, the company holds more than 2,630 patents in 190 countries. PAL™ developments contribute to the reduction of transport to coastal destinations and […]

World interest for new Crystal Lagoons projects in Florida

One of the most iconic tourist areas in Florida is Orlando. Showcases every imaginable infrastructure except beach life. In 2021, was tapped into by ADËLON Capital, a renowned developer and asset management and administration firm, and business partner of Crystal Lagoons. Media from around the world, including ABC News, picked up the news about the […]

Public Access Lagoons™ long-term investment alternative

Public Access Lagoons™ change the urban way of life of millions of people by inserting a part of the ocean within walking distance of their homes, much like what happened 200 years ago, when the first city parks were created in England, bringing natural forests to the cities. For this reason, large investors from the United States, Asia, the Middle […]

PAL™ projects reactivate racetracks

Public Access Lagoons™ provides a solution to the racetracks problem, because face the challenge of reinventing themselves to attract new audiences and produce entertainment offers to become recreation poles in each of the cities where they are located. The PAL™, these projects that anyone can access for a fee, have been called the meeting point […]

The unique value of Crystal Lagoons technology

Crystal Lagoons technology -patented in more than 190 countries with a portfolio of more than 2,200 patents- allows the construction and maintenance of crystal clear lagoons of unlimited sizes at low cost. This innovation is sustainable, since it uses up to 30 times less water than a golf course, 100 times less chemicals than a […]

Crystal Lagoons is a pioneer in the use and management of water

Crystal Lagoons is a pioneering and radical innovation multinational in the use and management of water. One of the main purposes is that its technologies are sustainable, and must be distinguished for their low water consumption. Thus, regardless of the size of these bodies of water, these lagoons are only filled once, and then operate […]

Desalination technology is recognized as an option for water crisis

The desalination technology with zero energy, developed by Crystal Lagoons, was highlighted by the International Defense Security & Technology Inc. (IDST) of California, United States, as one of the technologies that would solve the global water crisis. And the fact is that the water innovation multinational is not only focused on revolutionizing the recreational area. […]

PAL™ projects are recognized for their sustainability

“Green World Environment Award”, a renowned UK environmental prize, is the most recent award received by Crystal Lagoons, which recognizes the environmental contribution of the Public Access Lagoons™ projects. The reason: these public access developments, also known as PAL™ projects, which Crystal Lagoons is developing around the world, would reduce the carbon footprint in tourism-related […]

PAL™ Projects have been positioned as Covid proof investment alternative

The pandemic has drastically altered how people unwind as well as the tourism industry, with people prioritizing locations close to home and that offer adequate sanitary measures. As a consequence, this has created a necessity for new infrastructure in cities across the globe. Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, concept and business model created by Crystal Lagoons, have […]

Crystal Lagoons and ADËLON Will Develop New PAL™ Projects in Florida

One of the most iconic tourist areas is Orlando which, in 2021, was tapped into by Crystal Lagoons, in partnership with ADËLON Capital, a renowned developer and asset management and administration firm. The city showcases every type of entertainment offering and infrastructure imaginable, except it lacks beach life. The two companies signed a master agreement […]

Treasure Bay Bintan is a must-visit in Indonesia

The 6.3-hectare crystal clear water lagoon at the Treasure Bay Bintan Resort in Indonesia has become the main attraction of this US$3 billion tourist destination that opened in 2015. It is the largest Crystal Lagoons amenity in Southeast Asia and therefore, the renowned website Kompas highlighted it as “one of the must-visit tourist attractions” on […]

Crystal Lagoons Will Develop PAL™ Projects in Europe

The destinations of the new Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, by Crystal Lagoons will be Mediterranean European cities, not very extensive in surface and with very severe climates. These are Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest and Budapest, the capitals of the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Hungary, respectively. These historic cities of high […]